“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” A Novel by the Untamable Activist Sean Penn

The book entitled, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” was written by Sean Penn, published by Atria Books, contains 176 pages, and cost $24. In seeing a book written by this famous celebrity it makes one question what, has Penn done this time just because he can? What lies in this book that lies before us, is it full of lies? Actually, Penn takes a furious punch at America as it battles with its own worst instincts. Moreover, he playfully denies writing the short audiobook narrated by him in 2016 that introduced the Bob Honey character, Penn insists someone he met in Florida by the name of, “Pappy Pariah” wrote it.

Bob Honey portrayed as a 56-year-old man from California with the characteristics of a violent delusional homebody of modern times. As far as profession goes, Bob has quite a few, including a contract murderer who kills old people with a mallet for those who believe that they stand in the way of globalization and marketing, a globe-trotting entrepreneur, and more. The book does not contain a formal plot. The antihero thinks about the state of the nation while sitting on his sofa, regarding it as, “a shopping mall with a flag.” His ex-wife, whom he loathes, moved on to her divorce lawyer and the two remain a happy couple while she drives an ice cream truck, which Bob considers the music it gives off as punishment. Reviews of Bob Honey who Just Do stuff, have been mixed, but most entertainment outlets reward Penn for his creativity.

Bob’s interests are in a young woman named Annie although you never know if she really exists or not. His neighbors think Bob is a weirdo and he is somewhat baffling and unmeasurable, but he occasionally exercises his social skills by throwing a depraved barbeque.What Penn is clearly trying to evoke is a sincere argument with the trippy Chuck Palahniuk, and Hunter S. Thompson involved. The adventures Bob Honey has overlap with the author’s own habits of not waiting for an invite before following his conscience and include poking around the outset of the Iraq War in Baghdad and assisting the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

To the reader — the untamable activist, Penn — may seem like a humble and modest wink figuring things out as he goes.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” a View of the State of America

Sean Penn is an American actor that was born in California in 1960. He began his career on Broadway and by making appearances on television shows. He has starred in films that include “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Dead Man Walking.” He has received the Academy Award twice and was nominated for the Directors Guild of America. He participates in political and social activism and has protested former President Bush. He has defended freedom of speech and visited Cuba. He has met with President Raul Castro and has supported the Syrian government.

Recently, Sean wrote a book titled, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The book is about a middle-aged man named Bob, who has myriad of unconventional jobs. His jobs are a septic tank salesman, rescuer of Hasidic Jews and assassin. All of his jobs have an underlying political message and social undertone. He wrote this book as a form of satire regarding the state of America. When he wrote this book, he was not inspired by other writers, and he used his own voice. He believes that his writing should reflect his ideas and that he needs to use his imagination. He wanted to write a book that was not going to hold back his feelings and get his message across. He thinks his age had plenty to do with the way he wrote this book.

Sean admits that he tried to write books in the past but was interrupted. This time he was enthused about being able to write and complete this book. The main character is based on the way that he sees the country. He believes the country is full of lonely people and isolation is a normal condition. He created Bob as a murderer that kills people out of morality. In the book, he discusses how there is an issue with fiction and people take it too seriously. He wrote his book to leave behind a legacy that he hopes will help people realize the issues in society today. He plans to continue writing and sharing his message and views with the world.

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Sean Penn Dictates a New Novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” And Hopes We Hear It

Most of us don’t really think about the reality of being an actor in the movie business. The situation is that you commit an enormous amount of your time and energy to a project that could take many months or possibly even years of your life in a scenario in which you have very little or no control over the finished product. Like Sean Penn, he has a new book coming out called Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff, and you can find it on Amazon. If you are a creative individual this just has to wear you down. Most creative minds want some measure of control and input into something as potentially profound and moving as a motion picture. The only way to get around this is to direct and/or produce films yourself. But this just creates more responsibilities and virtually guarantees the complete consumption of your personal life so that there is nothing else but that film and all the pressure that comes with it.


Sean Penn is sick of all that. So he quit the movie business and wrote a novel. It has a weird title but catchy, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” It’s about a U.S. government assassin who moonlights as a septic tank salesman. He chose this form of storytelling because he wanted to be captain of his own ship without the immense pressure of an enormous amount of money on his shoulders. Sean is still interested in filmmaking but it’s unlikely that he will be acting anytime soon.


Most of the novel was dictated for the simple reason that he can’t type as fast as he can think. Also, the ribbons for his preferred typewriter are increasingly hard to find. He has no interest in firing up a laptop and staring at a backlit screen so he decided that this would be the best method. The book tackles the idea that if societies aren’t working towards inclusiveness, then they’re promoting divisiveness. The book ruthlessly slams this notion of branding that’s permeating our world and paints a bizarre dystopian vision of a possible but hopefully implausible future.

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