Jeanmarie Guenot – Exemplary Leader In The Biotechnology Space

Jeanmarie Guenot has had a bright career in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sector of over two decades and continues to be an example and a role model for many in the biotech space. Over the years, Jeanmarie has worked with many different companies and organizations in the public and private sectors and helped many biopharmaceutical companies to grow, expand and make significant progress in their research and development projects.

Jeanmarie has a very impressive educational background, having done Masters in Business Administration from Wharton School of Business and Ph.D. from University of California, San Francisco. At present, Jeanmarie serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of one of the leading innovative biotechnology firms researching on immune and cancer therapies, Amphivena Therapeutics Inc.

Amphivena Therapeutics Inc is a company that is still under the pre-clinical developmental stage, and its specialty includes researching on and developing highly efficient cancer therapies and antibody therapies for effective cancer treatment, removal of the tumor and hematological malignancies. The firm at aims to provide effective cure and diagnosis for patients suffering from terminal diseases. The company has made tremendous progress since the time of its inception in 2013 under the leadership of Jeanmarie. Recently, Amphivena Therapeutics Inc also collaborated with Janssen Biotech Inc and received the funds for further advanced research.

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Jeanmarie Guenot started her career by joining Hoffman- La Roche as Principal Scientist and then moved on to Atlas Ventures, where she worked as an Associate in the Life Sciences department for three years. At Atlas Ventures, she understood the business dynamics of the biopharmaceutical sector and also helped the firm invest in many different biotechnology ventures. In 2008, she even started her company by the name of Guenot LLC, where she worked as Managing Partner for one year. In 2009, she began another biopharmaceutical startup by the name SKS Ocular, LLC, which worked towards finding a cure and better therapies for Glaucoma, hematological malignancies, and macular degeneration.

Jeanmarie Guenot is one of the most respected and well-known leaders in the biotechnology space, and for years has contributed immensely to the field through her research and by helping biopharma companies to conduct innovative research projects, under her leadership.

Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall Joins A New Board

October 13th, 2016 — UPDATE –Seattle Genetics announces two new compounds in their cancer research:

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., co-founder of Seattle Genetics in 1998, is not only the company’s current President, CEO, and Chairman for the Board of Directors, but also was he appointed to Mirna Therapeutics and serves as a member of the Board of Directors as an outside director.  Mirna Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, focuses on microRNA (miRNA) a therapy which is a great working relationship for both companies.

With Dr. Siegall’s guidance and experience, the company has created antibody-based therapies for these individuals. Dr. Siegall successfully adds to his 15 patents he holds and continues to publish scientific articles, to add to his 70+ published works he currently holds as well. His education and authority in the biotechnology realm stems from his education at both University of Maryland, where he obtained a Bachelor in Science in Zoology, and Ph.D. at George Washington University in Genetics.

With his education behind him, Dr. Siegall went on to work for the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and then Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, prior to starting Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics has secured more than $675 million through public and private funding. By securing this type of funding it has allowed Seattle Genetics to move forward on therapies, such as ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin), for antibody-based cancer therapy in 2011, in which the FDA granted accelerated approval for treatment. Fortunately, Seattle Genetics has a diverse product pipeline to help patients find the treatments needed.

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