The Tireless Efforts of Clay Siegall and the Growth of Seattle Genetics

CEO Clay Siegall Ph. D. has the purpose of shaking up cancer treatment therapies and bringing about a new era in the way this disease is treated.

CEO Clay Siegall is a medical entrepreneur who established theB called Seattle Genetics back in 1998. The company has showcased their innovative approach and fresh ideas on how to treat cancer in a more effective way. It is evident that Seattle Genetics has a growing role in the field since the stock price of the company has nearly tripled during the past five years.

Dr. Clay Siegall is focusing the direction of Seattle Genetics on human antibodies. The biotech firm patents them into pills, and it also creates a number of other medications as well as technology for oncologists to use. Dr. Clay Siegall is occupying the positions of leadership of Seattle Genetics. He is the chairman of the board, the chief executive officer, as well as the president of the biotech firm.

Dr. Clay Siegall eared his Ph. D. from the George Washington University in Genetics. At the beginning of his career, Dr. Clay Siegall was a Senior search investigator for the well known Bristol- Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He was then promoted to Principal Scientist. Dr. Clay Siegall moved on from the post to join the National Cancer Institute where he did medical and scientific research as Staff Fellow and the as Biotechnology Fellow. In 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall had amassed enough experience, and he moved o to establish Seattle Genetics and bring his ideas to life.

Up to date, Seattle Genetics is one of the largest players in its line of work. The biotech firm has made so many contributions to the field of oncology that its reputation has placed it among the leaders. In fact, Seattle Genetics is well on its way to a transformation as the company will turn from a biotech firm to big pharma. That accomplishment will enhance the operation of Seattle Genetics even further.

Dr, Clay Siegall is up to date the placeholder of about a dozen patents. One of them is being distributed to all parts of the world, and many others are either distributed nationally in the United States of America or are awaiting approval by the FDA.

Seattle Genetics has many many believe that it will indeed bring about a new round of advances in the fight against cancer and the way patients are treated.