Fishbat Takes Home Leadership Position

Fishbat has recently been named one of the top reputation management firms in the entire country after being ranked by the Top SEO Rankers. Their new placement in the standings is due to their exceptional work in the digital reputation management industry. The already-leader has reached an all new achievement with their newest ranking in the country.

Top SEO Rankers matches businesses with the best SEO service providers such as Status Labs and many more. This online service scores the agencies by analyzing the many results in many different categories. These categories can range from customer reviews to website traffic. The Top SEO Rankers service released their latest findings recently and Fishbat came out as one of the top reputation management firms in the nation.

Fishbat was established in 2011 and has consistently grown to gain notoriety due to their full-service marketing services. As a social media and marketing agency with many awards to their credit, Fishbat has been known for years as an innovator in the industry. Their services like SEO, branding, web design, public relations, and reputation management have quickly made them a leader within the field.

Fishbat received high scores in every subject of the evaluation process done by Top SEO Rankers. Their best category was reputation management, in which they scored the highest. Fishbat also scored especially high in social media presence, client reviews, traffic rank, and brand reach. Their history includes giving brands the ability to grow and rank highly on search engines. Fishbat is dedicated to the world of social media and online marketing. They are known for using innovative strategies to create a professional online voice for each and every one of its clients.

The company was founded by three passionate friends. Clay Dorrohn, Scott Dorrohn and Jennifer Calise brought together every aspect of online marketing together into one fabulous company, Fishbat. It’s easy to see why they’re leaders in reputation management. As far as SEO organizations are concerned, Top SEO Rankers are the best of the best. They base their decisions on data that they gather through the success of the services provided by SEO agencies.