Lime Crime grows Into A Brand

In the world of business, there are few products that capture the imagination of the public and fulfill a growing need expressed by the general public. Products that fulfill needs and excite the buying public over time can grow in size and influence to become brands. The task of designing and structuring a product to grow into a successful brand in today’s corporate business environment is almost impossible. Consider the heavyweights of the hierarchy of brands; companies like Coca-Cola, MacDonalds, Ford, IBM, Apple, Nike, Wilson. All are entrenched in business and their iconic brands will survive for centuries. To create a brand from thin air is next to impossible. But one such success story was designed and headed by a remarkable transplant from Russia whose radical ideas about style helped to influence a changing trend in women’s fashion. Doe Deere brought Lime Crime to life on the internet, sold her first products on eBay and has engineered it to grow into a vibrant company, a brand.

Lime Crime has captured the hip counter-cultural style in women’s fashion. Today makeup is more glamorous in intent and evident by choices of strong colors and combinations. While the previous style had been understatement using treatments for the lips and eyes subtlely, now we live in a world full of personal overstatement. Some people want to stand out from the crowds and state that they are different and deserve attention. For this segment of the population and for women and girls who want to make a statement or just to try something bold and different, the palette of Lime Crime cosmetics answers their desires.

Doe Deere and her company have created a true brand in a very short period of time. It is a remarkable business achievement and is largely due to the efforts of this remarkable woman who has worn all the stylish hats of her business from the beginning. The company has captured the mood of modern young women and anyone who wishes to make a strong personal statement.

Get Remarkable Lime Crime Products With Intricate Colors

Lime Crime has just revolutionized the way they create colors by taking it to the hair dye platform with thirteen new colors to choose from. Their colors are not based with bleach or ammonia and are still known for being vegan and completely hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. Their hair dye containers offer their customers a full 700 ml with each jar. Get a maximum of up to 12 washes with their permanent dye and 10 washes with their tint. Thousands of women and guys around the world are totally unapologetic about their color options. LC offers radical colors like Metallic and Purple Sorbet.


Their super-foil cosmetics are great for bringing color to your eyelids and lips. You can choose from a wide direction of eyeshadows and lipsticks. Their velvetine matte products go on smooth and finish with a perfected dry mold. Their waterproof cosmetics stay in place throughout your day and hold under the harsh camera lights for many celebrities. You’re invited to mix and match their colors for the perfect blend. You can visit their YouTube channel for creative ways to mix, match, apply, and blend LC products. Get great clothing items and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kill.


Choose from many fantasy-inspired colors that will give you remarkable shades, changing the way you think about color. Your friends will admire your new color options and you love the way you look in your signature selfies. You can set your own color trend with thousands of their social media Instagram followers that total 2.4 million. Enjoy a product that won’t smudge when you eat or drink. Match your outfits with a wonderful blend that will transform your mood or your compliment your outfit.


Get Lime Crime dyes and cosmetics exclusively from their website with many promotional and first time offers. Join the thousands of people around the world that choose to let the inner unicorn inside out with a burst of color.

New Lime Crime Unicorn Semi-Permanent Hair Dye!

I love crazy hair color and have been dying to try out the unicorn hair trend that’s been all over Instagram and Pinterest. I found Lime Crime released a new line of hair dye and they even named it after the style, Unicorn! This dye is perfect because it is a professional formula that is conditioning as well as long lasting and gorgeous. This line has two different formulas, full coverage and tint. This dye is semi-permanent and the website says it does NOT “stain your life”, though if it does leave some marks they should disappear by the second washing. Both are direct dyes without ammonia or peroxide, perfectly gentle for my heat damaged hair.


This new Unicorn hair trend inspired formula has been in the works for 3 years, plenty of time for color perfection. Lime Crime Unicorn Dye is vegan, cruelty free and come in 13 amazing fantasy shades. The colors range from neon peach, a toned down red shade, to bright purple, like you might expect to find on an actual unicorn. The bottle says these colors work best on bleached or blonde hair, and the website recommends a recent even bleaching for best results. On darker hair the tint will show in the sun like a flash of crazy color. This collection is perfect for ombre styles, mermaid or unicorn designs.


Lime Crime recommends one jar for short hair and up to three for super long booty-length mermaid hair. You can even mix the colors, if you want a pastel look then just add conditioner to your mix! Add any of the Unicorn line dyes together to create your own unique shade and you can even mix with other brands of fantasy color dyes. The tints can last for 8-10 washes, while the full coverage dyes last up to 12 washes. At just $16 a jar, I think I’m ready for a whole new rainbow style!