The Bradesco Bank Changes

One of the world’s oldest bank chairmen to serve on the board is 91 years old, but his recent retirement announcement has left one of the biggest banks in Brazil at an impasse. When Lazaro de Mello Brandao steps down from his position after 25 years, he will be leaving a position wide open. This chairman position will be temporarily filled by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who is currently the CEO for the bank.

Brandao started his banking career in 1943. He was just 16 years old, and he worked his way to the top to become one of the two chairmen at Bradesco bank. He held this title from the year of 1981 until 1999. To this day, he is still known one of the oldest banking leaders in the world.

As Bradesco prepares to find a new CEO to take the place of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who is filling the chairman position, they will be doing something that not many businesses or companies chose to do. Bradesco will be choosing a new CEO from their talent pool.

Since the bank’s shares fell at least 1.2-percent, they have had to change a few things in the company to help bring the company back into the top percentages. The changing of their bylaws was one of the biggest changes made to date. They decided to increase the maximum CEO age from 65 to the age of 67, which gives the current CEO a chance to name his new successor.

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When the bylaws were first changed, Brandao said that he didn’t regret any of his time at the bank. His family was supportive of his decision to leave the bank, saying that it was the time he made a change in his life. However, while Brandao leaves, a new CEO needs to come into place. Bradesco Bank has decided to choose from their current pool of employees to replace the current CEO and fill the needed position. They have several candidates that are perfect for the position, and they will most likely choose the best and most qualified candidate for the position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current CEO who is taking the chairman position at Bradesco Bank, is the fourth man to hold the presidency position at the bank. He has been in a position of power for quite a while, but he has helped Bradesco Bank reach goals and dreams. He is highly educated, which makes him perfect for his position at the bank. His career started at the age of 18 when he began working at the bank. He was appointed as a department director in 1984, and by the next year, he rose to an executive vice president position at the bank.

Trabuco took over a management position in 2003, which only heightened his chances to take over the president position when Brandao left the office. His management experience and years of working at the bank were perfect for making him the most eligible person for the job. It is no wonder that Bradesco chose him to fill in the president position. Trabuco is preparing to find a successor for his CEO position, and his idea to choose from their current employee list is a great way to change the cultural, company norm. Their move will only prove to be a smart one by the company by hiring from within, saving the company money and hiring those with the necessary experience and passion to keep the bank going.

Bradesco Bank is known as one of the largest banks in Brazil, and their bank is known for its work and service by many people throughout the world.


Equities First Holdings LLC Buys the London Meridian Equity Partners Limited

Equities First Holdings has recently announced its acquisition of the United Kingdom Meridian Equity Partners Limited. The Meridian Equity Partners Limited will continue its operations under a new name as the London Equities First Limited.

About Equities First Holdings LLC

The firm is an international leader in investment finance. It has several offices across the globe including Indianapolis, Perth, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the recently acquired London office. Its headquarters is in Indiana, Indianapolis. Equities First Holdings is a complete service and private lender that concentrates on offering security loans to investors who seek quick capital. Clients gain fast access to liquidity trade share collateralized loans with customer friendly interest rates. Customers can raise immediate startup capital, thanks to the Company’s clear-cut lending process.

The company has attained thousands of customer transactions from Global Organizations, Government Loan Institutions, among other rich personalities. EFH was inaugurated in 2002 and has witnessed annual growths of over thirty percent on its past closed loan transactions. The year 2014 was EFH’s record year where the company’s workforce expanded up to fifty percent. Equities First loan transactions are non-recourse. The borrower can still save all the shares following market depreciation. The company has an extensive list of strategic partners including local and global investment banks, custodian banks, law firms, and other international jurisdictions.

Al Christy Jr. is the founder of EFH. He considered the London Office as a transformational acquisition aimed to push the company into the new global-scale market. He said that the London Office would present liquidity against the other competitive individual investors, public companies, and businesses executives together with the other seven agencies. Al Christy Jr. also says that they have been centered on team expansion to provide most excellent liquidity prospects offered to the client in the best quality service. He says the company will continue to invest in individual company operations as the firm continues to experience rapid growth. He perceives the company international teams to be among the best community personnel that adhere to the company’s principles of supplying the most excellent client service. You can contact the Company Website on for more information.

Equities First Delivers with Equity Loans

For firms and high net worth individuals that are seeking non-purpose capital, stock loans are a good option. In today’s banking climate, borrowing from the best financial institutions has become a hassle-filled and unpleasant experience. Potential borrowers are sure to see lower loan to value ratios coupled with much more stringent credit requirements. Those seeking high ratios and have less than stellar credit are beginning to turn elsewhere for their non-purpose capital needs. Equity, or stock, loans are one way to raise capital without jumping through the hoops of a typical bank’s multi-layered lending process. Equities First is a long-term player in this market space and has helped many clients to raise capital via this alternative vehicle.

Founded in 2002, Equities First has generated over 650 transactions and lent over $1.4 billion to its many clients that are both enterprise businesses and high net worth individuals. The flexibility of this instrument is one of the many reasons that Equities First recommends this option to its clients. The equity loan is made at a fixed interest rate over the loan term, usually set between three and four percent. The underlying collateral of stocks provides security for a non-recourse loan and there are no instances of margin calls as there are in the case of margin loans.

Equities First is here to help guide you through the process and review the ways that a shareholder loan can help to meet your capital raising needs. This vehicle is a good fit when the time in which the funds are needed is tight, as well as in circumstances where the credit profile of the borrower is not terribly strong. Stock loans also provide a bit of a hedge to the underlying assets in the event that their value decreases over the life of the loan. Learn More.

Equity First Holding Proves an Exponential Growth

Most banks and other traditional lending institutes have tightened their loaning criteria. As such, the Equity First Holding has provided an alternative to millions of investors in all spheres of the world. They have launched the stock-based loans to offer a more flexible solution to lenders. As a leading global company in providing monetary solutions, they have recorded significant profits leading to over $40 transaction since their establishment in 2002.

In their operations, the company has enabled entrepreneurs who are need of quick loans to acquire capital, despite having not qualified for the credit-based lends.

The founder and the CEO of Equity First Holdings, Al Christy says his firm noticed the tightened procedures for loan qualifications from other lenders. Moreover, the market fluctuation has led to increased interests for borrowers. For this reason, most customers now opt for stock secured loans. Also, the CEO provides a follow-up of three years of loan fluctuation.

However, borrowers who select stock-based loans have the freedom to leave the plan at their pleasure, even after a decrease in their stock value. Although both the margin and the stock-based borrowing institutions use collateral as securities, they still mark apparent differences. The margin loans provide huge and varying rates while loans secured by stock have low and fixed interest.

Equity First Holding LLC’s Profile

It is an international company operating in various offices including locations such as Singapore, Sydney, London, Bangkok, Perth and Hong Kong. The firm is dedicated to providing unique financial solutions, which are tailored to address the individual needs of different clients. Their customers include both individual entrepreneurs and companies, and they have provided online lending services to boost their activities.Over the years, Equity First has maintained customer-friendly arrangements. They have offered attractive loaning terms by providing low interest to help boost the global economy. Their operations are transparent, and this has attracted a massive number of customers leading to the company’s increased growth. Furthermore, they usually return collaterals to their clients after the repayment of loans. This has increased their effectiveness and productivity in the industry. Al Christy is looking forward to improving the lending market and make Equity First Holdings the best choice for all borrowers.