Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And His Assessment of Bradesco’s New President

It is said that people in business could most likely experience a sort of dark afternoon of the soul. They can feel some weird sense of terrible negativity when they think that their business ideas don’t fly, don’t get the support they deserve and don’t pan out well. Entrepreneurs could feel like their life had been a waste. Fortunately, when they’re in the dark, it’s not going to be that soon that the sun outside will shine on them. This is the case, challenge, and fate of brave entrepreneurs like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

The Next Phase of CEO of Bradesco

There are things in life that probably won’t end up well, and the secret of a good businessman is to be able to withstand all these challenges without giving up. A good leader is also able to show a series of calculation of the merits and demerits of the things that he/she gets into to find the better ways to improve things. In the case of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, he’s able to do to this by making sure that he’d be able to address the series of challenges not just with him, but also with the workforce that he handles.

Now that the president of Bradesco is now moving to a different path, there’s much to expect regarding the structure of the company. There would still be the same corporate culture that’s known in Bradesco’s operations, but sadly, the new changes would mean a new set of challenges regarding rapport, support, and morale of the workforce. According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, these changes would not be anything that he and his managing workforce won’t be able to manage. He’s still able to make sure that he can do everything that he wants the company to achieve.

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We can also say here that Luiz Carlos Trabuco had confirmed that the new president would also be egressed from Bradesco’s operations, and that would mean that there would still be a transition period where the new president could find the right footing for the management. Trabuco also said that the new management also has to make sure to implement the same corporate standards, salutory tradition and quality corporate governance that makes Bradesco known across the globe. The present and the future generation of Bradesco lies in how Trabuco and the new President would have to channel all these values in the calculated stream of operations in the company.

We should also not forget to state here that Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi also believes that there’s a need for more literacy programs in the clients of the bank since there are millions of clients of the bank that still don’t have any idea about the digital platforms of the company.

That said, Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi had been the Chairman of the Board of Banco Bradesco SA, and the fact that he’s able to still head the company with a respectable level of service could be a testament of his authority in the assessment of Bradesco’s new president.

Trabuco received Entrepreneur of the Year and Insurance Personality of the Year because of the dedication and hardworking he showed with his more than 40 years in the industry. After graduating in college, he worked as bank teller in Bradesco bank.

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PSI-Pay, Making Finance Convenient and Fashionable

PSI-Pay is a company that’s revolutionizing the way people do business. The company is a principle of MasterCard and has been in business for over a decade. Recently, the company has introduced new technology that’s not only convenient, it’s wearable. Manufactured by Kerv Wearables, a new ceramic ring can act as your payment device when checking out. The devices have been produced in limited quantities.

Both companies used intelligent planning to make sure they’ve covered all their bases. The ceramic ring is stronger than most any metal, even titanium. It requires no battery, so even if your mobile phone is out of battery life, you’re still able to make a “contactless payment” with your MasterCard account. You simply hold the ring within an inch and a half from the payment processor, and any transaction under the threshold amount for the country you’re located in is automatically processed. It’s a convenient, quick, easy, and now even fashionable way to handle business. PSI-Pay is hopeful that this technology will become more prominent in the coming years.

Another topic that’s been on the financial radar lately is e-wallets. For those who are unfamiliar with this new technology, you’re not alone. PSI-Pay is happy to help simplify the “basics” that can help organize and even, simplify life for nearly anyone.

In a nutshell, e-wallets are a place to electronically and securely store payment information. Financial transactions are processed in real time in most cases. Store loyalty program card linking and storage are also a popular feature of e-wallets. While there are many similarities worldwide, the US and European e-wallets do have some minor differences.

The European e-wallets are both bank and non-bank owned and managed. There’s real-time processing of transactions, typically in your local currency. A major benefit of these e-wallets is that business between European countries can be simplified, and costs reduced by automatic currency conversions. Typically, no credit is extended through the accounts allowed with these processors. This protects both the customer and merchant from potential financial problems after the fact.

American e-wallets operate similarly, however, there is often an extension of credit when necessary. Although the US e-wallet model may seem more “liberal” than its European counterpart, there are many protections in place as well. Both European and US consumers have their typical credit card fraud protection. The US, however, makes it rather easy to dispute transactions should there be any issues. This can include mishaps involving false advertising, rip-offs, and many other instances. For more information, PSI-Pay makes even more information available online for merchants at their website at Check out all the new options available for your business, today!

While there are several similarities and differences, PSI-Pay and their technological advances are making life easier for everyone. Be sure to check out their products, today.


Equities First Holdings LLC Buys the London Meridian Equity Partners Limited

Equities First Holdings has recently announced its acquisition of the United Kingdom Meridian Equity Partners Limited. The Meridian Equity Partners Limited will continue its operations under a new name as the London Equities First Limited.

About Equities First Holdings LLC

The firm is an international leader in investment finance. It has several offices across the globe including Indianapolis, Perth, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the recently acquired London office. Its headquarters is in Indiana, Indianapolis. Equities First Holdings is a complete service and private lender that concentrates on offering security loans to investors who seek quick capital. Clients gain fast access to liquidity trade share collateralized loans with customer friendly interest rates. Customers can raise immediate startup capital, thanks to the Company’s clear-cut lending process.

The company has attained thousands of customer transactions from Global Organizations, Government Loan Institutions, among other rich personalities. EFH was inaugurated in 2002 and has witnessed annual growths of over thirty percent on its past closed loan transactions. The year 2014 was EFH’s record year where the company’s workforce expanded up to fifty percent. Equities First loan transactions are non-recourse. The borrower can still save all the shares following market depreciation. The company has an extensive list of strategic partners including local and global investment banks, custodian banks, law firms, and other international jurisdictions.

Al Christy Jr. is the founder of EFH. He considered the London Office as a transformational acquisition aimed to push the company into the new global-scale market. He said that the London Office would present liquidity against the other competitive individual investors, public companies, and businesses executives together with the other seven agencies. Al Christy Jr. also says that they have been centered on team expansion to provide most excellent liquidity prospects offered to the client in the best quality service. He says the company will continue to invest in individual company operations as the firm continues to experience rapid growth. He perceives the company international teams to be among the best community personnel that adhere to the company’s principles of supplying the most excellent client service. You can contact the Company Website on for more information.

Equities First Delivers with Equity Loans

For firms and high net worth individuals that are seeking non-purpose capital, stock loans are a good option. In today’s banking climate, borrowing from the best financial institutions has become a hassle-filled and unpleasant experience. Potential borrowers are sure to see lower loan to value ratios coupled with much more stringent credit requirements. Those seeking high ratios and have less than stellar credit are beginning to turn elsewhere for their non-purpose capital needs. Equity, or stock, loans are one way to raise capital without jumping through the hoops of a typical bank’s multi-layered lending process. Equities First is a long-term player in this market space and has helped many clients to raise capital via this alternative vehicle.

Founded in 2002, Equities First has generated over 650 transactions and lent over $1.4 billion to its many clients that are both enterprise businesses and high net worth individuals. The flexibility of this instrument is one of the many reasons that Equities First recommends this option to its clients. The equity loan is made at a fixed interest rate over the loan term, usually set between three and four percent. The underlying collateral of stocks provides security for a non-recourse loan and there are no instances of margin calls as there are in the case of margin loans.

Equities First is here to help guide you through the process and review the ways that a shareholder loan can help to meet your capital raising needs. This vehicle is a good fit when the time in which the funds are needed is tight, as well as in circumstances where the credit profile of the borrower is not terribly strong. Stock loans also provide a bit of a hedge to the underlying assets in the event that their value decreases over the life of the loan. Learn More.

Successfully raises senior notes to $155 million

Nexbank has been providing financial services to the residents of Dallas Texas and beyond for the past century. Lately, they have been pursuing initiatives and deals that would improve their performance and at the same time benefit their customers. The initiative that they came up with was the senior unsecured notes. These have been offered publicly and so far, more than $155 million has been issued.

The arrangement states that the notes will mature on the 16th of March 2026, however, the notes will start being callable in the March of 2021. The deal has been created such that for the first five years, the notes will bear interest at a fixed rate of 5.5 percentage points. Then, when the first five years have ended, they will spread the rates over a 3 month period. The spread will be based on a 3 month LIBOR of 435.5 basis points. The better business bureau took time to rate the transaction and deemed it as commendable while the Kroll Bond rating agency approved the deal.

The bank hopes that all the profits that will come from this deal will cover the debts issues of the company with the remainder catering for various other corporate uses. The placement agent who brokered this deal was Sandler O’Neil and partners. John Holt, the CEO of Nexbank stated that this transaction was crucial for the bank as it would help them solidify their balance sheet and attain much needed capital for other investments. John, who also serves as the Chief Operations Officer stated that the move was a great success for the bank because it would really help the development of their organization.

About Nexbank

Nexbank has been serving the citizens of Texas since 1912. They are involved with commercial banking, mortgage banking and many other investment types. They deal with both public and private companies that need their financial services.


Texas Bankers Association Look To Nexbank President To Provide Advice For Members

November 2016 saw the Texas Bankers Association call on John Holt, CEO and President of Nexbank to sit on a panel providing information on the way community banking can improve in the state in the coming years. John Holt attended the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference where he was part of a panel providing their views on “Reinventing Community Banking”.


The need for effective mergers and acquisitions strategies have been an area John Holt has become something of an expert in as he has worked extensively in these areas with Nexbank; Holt provided those banking professionals and consultants attending the meeting with his own experiences on how mergers and acquisitions can have a major effect on the growth of community banking experts. The Texas Bankers Association asked John Holt to provide his own views and opinion on how community banking should grow organically and provide the best possible experience for customers of all types through the use of branching as an effective growth strategy.


Nexbank has a long history of providing the best possible banking options to business, financial, and individual customers since its charter was established in 1922; the bank has recently been growing as it has looked to develop new strategies for providing financial services for businesses of all sizes and financial institutions across the U.S.


Under the leadership of John Holt, Nexbank has not forgotten its history of providing financial services for individuals across the nation, including a growing mortgage sector that has proven a success for many Texas based community members. In many cases, Nexbank is willing to work with their customers to help develop new strategies custom designed to provide the best in financial options to help any individual or group to achieve long term success.