A Leading Architect Has A Vision For The Future

Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2011, has recently talked about the future of the architect profession and architecture.

Whether it is now or in the future, Ivy believes that architects can make a difference in the world. What architects do might be closely watched by the public. The public might see if they continue to innovate as far as aesthetics are concerned and if they can find imaginative ways to deal with deal with issues and problems that exist today or tomorrow.

Robert Ivy hopes that architects become prophets of the future. They should determine how architecture is going to be in the future as the number of people increases. They should know that more people are becoming part of the city. Their designs should not be just concerned with residential and business. They should worry about technology designs as well.

Ivy says that architects should be more cognizant of what direction that structure of the cities is going to take in the future. Cities are around the world could be changing in how they build their structures.

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According to Ivy, architects should know about the many opportunities that future cities of the world will give them. They should be aware that India is going to change dramatically in 5 years. Architects should find new ways to deal with the increased density of cities. They should know that India could be spending as much as $300 billion to invest to build new abodes in their cities.

Health could play a factor in the future of architecture. Designs of the future should have public zones, typologies and other areas that deal with health problems according to archdaily.com. US General Services Administration will want to ensure that architect has areas in their buildings that deal with health.

Robert Ivy has a vision for the future and he hopes that his fellow architects will follow it.

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