ClassDojo- The Future of Education in Classrooms

Education and technology have never been more integrated than in today’s society. This has led to both positives and negatives within students’ lives, but now a new positive has emerged in the form of an app called “ClassDojo”. ClassDojo is an application that allows students, teachers, and parents to be more connected than ever before. It allows for the sharing of pictures, videos, and messages in order to effectively communicate classroom goals as well as activities that parents might not otherwise be able to experience. An example might be watching a video recorded by a teacher of your child playing at recess, or a child sharing an art project that they otherwise would not be able to take home. Most of these things would be shared through “stories” that would be continuously updated during the day for everyone to see. Through this type of communication, students are able to work with both their parents and teachers to effectively create a unique, digital classroom experience that is comfortable and rewarding. At the same time, teachers and parents can then monitor and interact with the classroom experience to ensure that students are learning important skills efficiently and effectively. They may also communicate directly through messages to discuss the students’ classroom goals, expectations, and experiences. By establishing this “triad of learning“, if you will, ClassDojo has gone beyond normal measures of classroom evaluation and given teachers the ability to digitally interact with students by giving them rewards or punishments for good or bad behavior, all under the eyes of their parents, such as extra or less homework for being persistent or paying attention in class. ClassDojo has already had an impact on countless students around the country and will certainly continue to do so.

ClassDojo Turning Students Into Leaders

In an article by writer Joshua Bolkan for ClassDojo is quoted as a “New tool that allows students to easily add images and videos to their portfolios and share them with their families”. Classdojo is a popular application being used in classrooms across the United States. According to the Bolkan article students can add classwork to ClassDojo without having to remember any sort of password or login. To add classwork students need to scan a classroom QR code then the data is uploaded immediately to ClassDojo. Teachers then have to approve or disapprove the uploaded material. With this teacher-led application there is no material during the school day that is sent home without the teacher knowing what is uploaded to ClassDojo. The ClassDojo application is creating a more student-centered classroom environment which is creating excitement among teachers, students, and parents.

ClassDojo is an application that enhances the classroom experience and creates a positive learning community for teachers, students, and parents. ClassDojo is a communication platform that allows parents to receive photos, texts, and video of activities in the classroom. 2 in 3 schools across the United States are using ClassDojo and many teachers feel that ClassDojo is creating a positive culture within the classroom. Teachers state that ClassDojo keeps both students and parents engaged in classroom activities on a regular basis. ClassDojo is looking to make a ground-up change in students who may not have been engaged previously in classroom activities.

Teachers who use ClassDojo will feel a true sense of empowerment. Teachers can give real- time examples of their lesson plans to parents and allow parents to feel like they are in the classroom next to their child learning. Another notable feature of Class Dojo is that the application is teacher-led, meaning that all content uploaded is monitored by the teacher in that assigned group. Having the application teacher-led ensures that all the content being seen by parents and students is accurate and pertinent to the lesson plan. For students who may not come from homes where English is the primary language ClassDojo has a translator feature to accommodate the needs of a multilingual student. The ClassDojo application is definitely turning students into leaders.


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