Growth, Innovation and Onelogin’s Preparation for a New Year.

Secure data management is now a critical requirement for any business and yet adding increased security and authentication layers has weakened security because multiple sign-ins cumbersome to maintain and use. With the goals of security and ease of access, Onelogin, a managed security service provider, was created to provide solid data security with nimble and productive to access multiple systems.

The focus on customer service, productivity, and security is secret behind OneLogin making 2017 another year of growth, change and innovation.

Always seeking new developments for the next level in login authentication, OneLogin has been able to expand their data security to act intuitively, flagging unusual logins and requiring multi-factor authentication in required circumstances, providing enhanced security without limiting function and increasing productivity.

Legacy and off-cloud software packages are still a large part of business technology. OneLogin has also developed a solution for authentication between cloud and one site software solutions, simplifying and streamlining interaction between software systems.

Providing efficient software solutions for enhanced productivity has been a staple goal of OneLogin, and they have added to that service line by providing smarter application access and allowing customization for cloud applications within teams.

Much of OneLogin’s success could be its corporate culture. Happy employees make happy customers. OneLogin active development of a satisfied and productive workforce has put OneLogin again on the top of the best places to work list.

Perhaps the biggest change made in 2017 was the hiring of Brad Brooks as CEO, creating a well-rounded C level executive team and freeing up Thomas Pedersen from the day-to-day leadership and allowing him to return to his passion for continued innovation as Chief Technology officer and to guide strategies, as Chairman of the Board.

Onelogin has laid good foundations since its inception in 2010, and with the additional leadership and the continued focus on streamlining security, 2018 will be an innovating and expansive year.