Adam Milstein — The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation

Adam Milstein, 65, is an Israeli-American philanthropist and real estate investor. He was born in Haifa Israel, to Hillel Mistein, homemaker, and Hillel Milstein, who was in real estate development. Adam Milstein, along with his parents and two younger siblings, spent his early years in KiryatMotzin.

Adam Milstein was later drafted into the Israel Defense Forces where he later served in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. After the time he provided to the military, he decided to continue his education. He graduated from Techion with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics in 1978. During his later studies, he also joined and expanded his father’s business in real estate development and construction.

Shortly after his tour in the service, Adam Milstein married Gila Elgrably, and later moved their family to the United States, in 1981. After many years in commercial real estate and sales, Adam and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, where their focus was connecting and reconnecting young professionals and students with their Jewish history and educating them on the state of Israel.

Together Gila and Adam work diligently to connect with other like-minded organizations to establish partnerships in a collective effort to inform and educate youth about Jewish pride, and become advocates for Israel. They encourage advocacy within communities, schools, large groups, etc., to allow youth and students to identify with their Jewish history.

Adam Milstein and his wife were able to use their personal experiences in Israel to fuel their passion to deliver this information to youth all over. They partner with other philanthropic organizations to collaborate and mutually support the efforts of one another. They believe strongly in the success of collaboration, and it is exhibited in their joint efforts.

Though this organization continues to make an impact on students, Adam Milstein’s philanthropic efforts don’t end with the Milstein Foundation. He is a board member of Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Stand By Me and American Israel Public Affairs Committe (AIPAC) National Council. He is also the co-founder of the Israel-American Council, of which he is has also been recently named the National Chairman.

 Adam Milstein Active Contribution to the Jewish Community

If you have ever heard about Hager Pacific Properties, there are high chances that you have come across the name Adam Milstein. Adam is a managing partner in the company. The company has properties amassing to more than $2 billion. These properties are distributed throughout the country, something that has made Adam Milstein a significant name in the real estate world.

Philanthropic Contributions

Adam’s contribution spreads beyond the real estate industry. He is also known for his philanthropic deeds and contributions in the Jewish community. Together with his wife, they play a great role in the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This charitable organization is involved in mentoring students with a Jewish background from around the world. The foundation takes a further step of helping these students understand their Jewish background and create a stronger connection with Israel.

Through the efforts of the foundation, with the help from Adam Milstein, hundreds of young people with a Jewish background have managed to learn about their heritage. Adam’s efforts have not gone unrecognized as in the recent past he was added to the list of the top philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.

Advocate of the Jewish Community

One of many other traits that Adam Milstein is known for is his effort to ensure that the Jewish community is treated fairly. This desire led to him founding the Israel-American Council, which helps in improving the relationship between Israel and America. He uses the council as a platform to see that the foreign policy protecting the Jewish community and the Israel people is observed. He has a firsthand understanding of the plight of the marginalized communities since his wife is a Moroccan immigrant to the US. This understanding makes him very vocal when it comes to protecting the rights of such people.

Adam Milstein is also a writer and contributes to several prominent forums and publications. In all his works, he encourages the Jewish community to embrace their heritage by learning how to write and read in Hebrew. He has also played a great role in helping Jews learn Hebrew through sharing necessary resources. Unlike other philanthropists who give back to the community by merely writing checks or sitting on the boards of charity organizations, Adam Milstein engages directly in all charitable works he contributes to.

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