Cancer Treatment Centers of America

In a PRNewswire press release, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America formed a partnership with Allscripts and Nanthealth. Together, they will assist physicians with clinical decision support without disrupting the workflow of the physician. NantOS is the direct clinical operating system interface. This interface holds data from hundreds of on board oncologists that have collaborated to create the most comprehensive database of evolving cancer treatment data.

What this System will do

This valuable. comprehensive system will allow patience and physicians alike to choose from the highest quality cancer treatments available. Here are some of the amazing benefit of this system.

It will allow the physician to make a cancer treatment plan specific to the person’s state of health and stage of illness
It will allow a choice of treatment and the cost it will carry
It provides an evidence-based solution with supported therapies that are geared towards the patient in a personal way
It will provide access to up to date treatment reactions and toxicity reports as well as response rates

Allscripts and eviti is a team with the cancer treatment centers that will offer a safe, evidence-based data base for their patients that houses an epic 2,700 treatments with a plethora of information that are fully appropriate. Nanthealth, is a something beyond cutting-edge that allows integration of all the team players that are involved with the treatment. This is from the patient to the physicians and the pharmaceuticals they are being treated with. It also will suggest treatments in a wide spectrum of choice to suite most people. It provides safety and peace of mind to all.

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