Boraie Development Your New Brunswick’s Housing Partner

The transformation of the New Brunswick area into a sophisticated residential and commercial hub has taken years. For companies like Boraie Development, the evolution is equivalent to forty years of passion, persistence, hard work and innovation. As the growth continues, Boraie Development is stepping up its game by building exquisite and unique properties such as the Aspire Apartments to accommodate the demand for housing.

Situated in Somerset street close to the New Brunswick train station, the Aspire is a collection of 138 units of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartments. The rent rates are relatively affordable when weighed against the expected benefits of living in the Aspire. The interior finishing is of top quality featuring glass tile backsplash, quartz counter parts, and cabinets for the kitchen and porcelain and ceramics for the bathroom. Residents can also access cable television, high-speed internet, and a top-notch heating system.

Other benefits include 24-hour maintenance management services, ample parking, and an elevator. According to the Central Jersey Working Moms, a studio apartment goes for $1,650 a month, and a one bedroom’s monthly rent is $1,800. The two-bedroom apartment comes with a private terrace and a balcony. People living in the area can quickly transit to Philadelphia and Manhattan. Also, there are three universities nearby including the Rutgers University Campus, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and the Rutgers Medical School.

Boraie Development specializes in three business areas, property management, sales and marketing and real estate development. With a commitment to creating excellent properties and providing exceptional service, Boraie works with financial institutions, contractors, and architects to deliver projects on time.

Omar Boraie, founder of Boraie Development, embarked on a journey to transform New Brunswick after his trip to Europe as a visiting student from Egypt. In 1972, Boraie Development began its operations in New Brunswick, then a quiet town with little activity after 4 p.m. After identifying 21 vacant but ruined buildings, Omar started purchasing one after the other. He later developed a plan for the newly acquired area. By the 1980s, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One that hosts 250,000 square feet class A office spaces opened.

In 2003, Boraie Development launched the Tower two that had additional class A office spaces. As the town continued to grow, Omar noticed the need for high-end residential units. Inspired by the New York lifestyle, Omar developed the Aspire. Check out to see more.

New Brunswick is a town on the rise. Boraie Development intends to continue to cater for the growing number of young professionals leaving the area by developing unmatched residential units. You can visit his website for more.

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