Avi Weisfogel: Founder of Dental Sleep Masters

Avi Weisfogel is a prominent dentist in New Jersey, and he mainly does dental surgeries. He currently owns Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor. He became well-known through Old Bridge Dental Care. He founded the firm in 1999 and managed it successfully for 15 years making him very popular in the region.



Weisfogel established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to assist other dentists on the proper way to deal with and treat sleeping patients. He has had appointments with people who have sleep problems so that they can resume their normal lives via treatment and education. Weisfogel uses his firm, Dental Sleep Masters, so that dentists may be able to note potential patients and guide them to get proper medication.



Weisfogel did his undergraduate studies at Rutgers University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. He then moved on to New York University College of Dentistry where he acquired his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Weisfogel has a passion and desire to aid the less fortunate in the community, and this has made him be a very popular figure among people living in his region.



Weisfogel came up with the idea of Dental Sleep Masters because of his fascination with sleep medicine. Due to the marketing skills Avi got earlier in his career, he combined the two, and this bore a successful firm. Avi enjoys interacting with people around the globe and in different industries.



Avi Weisfogel stated in an interview that some of the things that have made him successful in the entrepreneurial world are his immediate acceptance of constructive criticism and repetition. Avi also mentioned that even though he is a success story now, he would be more humble if he was given the opportunity to start his career over again.



Weisfogel also added that aspiring entrepreneurs should have the same conversations with different people across the globe and from various industries. This, he cited, can help entrepreneurs continually evolve in their approaches to potential customers. Weisfogel lauds regional marketing because it can help a firm get located by clients easily.


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