21st Century Crime Fighting: Securus Technologies

When it comes to solving and preventing crime, there are a number of organizations that specialize in this field of work. When it comes to solving and preventing crime in the corrections system, there is one organization that leads the pack. We are Securus, and our organization covers a wide array of safety solutions. We are solving as well as preventing crime at a much higher rate than in years of the past. Crime still happens in the prison system, which can makes solving crime much more harder to do. The investigative tools that are being used by us are well-tested, and they are producing far greater results. Securus is well-committed to serve through the efficient solutions of biometric analysis, emergency response, incident management, public information and for investigation.

Our advanced monitoring services and products are high quality, are effective, and these solutions have yielded great results. Prison complexes and county jail personnel have personally thanked us via letter and email. Some of the customer/client selective comments included are that “we are fairly impressed with your capabilities and vision.” “The monitoring tools from your company have drastically decreased crime in a shorter period of time than before.” These quotes are actual comments that were made by people like you and me. Up to 3,400 corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety organizations benefit from our advancements.

On the other hand, there are well-over 1.2 million inmates in North America, and they fall under our supervision. Our efficient investigative mindset is enhanced when it’s combined with innovative investigative tools. Investing in our services mean that you’ll get a great return on investment and that’s a fact. When negative situations are taken out of the equation, efficiency sets in. Preventative measures are some of the very best possible solutions in any case.


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