A review of Dr. Walden

Born in Austin, Texas on November 17th, 1971, Dr. Jennifer Walden was raised in a family of people working in the medical field. She had a dentist father and her mother a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden attended Anderson High school after which she joined the University of Texas where she graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biology. She obtained her Master’s Degree from the Medical Branch at the University of Texas.

With Dr. Sherrell Aston as her mentor, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s career took off in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. A Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice Editorial Board of Directors member, Jennifer Walden has been a commentator of high class on plastic surgery by different media including Fox News. She also happens to be among the very few women who hold positions in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

For over five years in the field of plastic surgery, Walden focuses majorly on cosmetic surgery. This includes face-lifts, eyelid lifts, breast augmentations as well as nose jobs. She delights in her job basing on the fact that a great percentage of the people who seek plastic surgery services are women. This motivates her since she experiences the same problems as those experienced by her patients. She adds that her being in service boosts the morale of patients since they know she cannot look at them in a judgmental manner and more

After seven and a half years of service in Manhattan, Walden opted to move back to Austin, her hometown to take care of her two sons. Being a single mother, she moved to keep her sons closer to her family. She established her services in Austin to be close to her sons and attend to patients without inconveniences.

A New Way To Conduct Political Efforts

Cutting Turf

Organizing a political campaign comes with many challenges and feats. “Cutting turf” is recognized as one of the hardest parts of the campaign.

NGP VAN, a political software provider, has created an innovative solution for this tedious and time-consuming problem. They created an organization tool called “Distributed Canvassing.”

The feature is said to automate the tedious process and free up valuable campaign time for other endeavors. This tool is social progressive because it utilizes modern technology to accomplish goals while allowing for real-life voter interactions.

Distributed Canvassing

Distributed Canvassing is a software tool aimed to change the consistency of workflow for canvasses. Without this tool, the standard process includes things such as contacting a field organizer, meeting in the campaign office, preparation time, interacting with voters, checking off lists and recording the findings.

There are tons of footwork involved in the traditional methods for cutting turf. With the Distributed Canvassing, the work load is much lighter. Setting up a list for volunteers and distributing them correctly are the only two steps needed when using NGP VAN’s software. The technology does the majority of the work for the user.

NGP VAN’s initial idea for their new software was sparked from a previous app they had released called Knock 10 during 2017. The aim of the app was to personally get involved in the interaction with voters.


The Effect

The technology in Distributed Canvassing is cutting-edge and up-to-date. The software will find your location and tell you the 10 closest voters within your immediate area. The software is flexible enough for personalized changes geared towards each individual campaign.

Distributed Canvassing is still in the beginning stages of use. However, it has been successfully utilized for a variety of projects. The feedback from users is affirmative of NGP VAN’s goal. It truly does save time and create accurate and efficient results. NGP VAN has been a trusted name for many progressive campaigns in the past, and with their new development, their appeal continues to grow amongst the youth of politics.

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Equities First Holdings has worked to become one of the companies that are able to offer provide their customers with the financial help they need by offering then stock based loans.

This has becine a very creative way of providing the funding that allows the customers to acquire the capital. they need to meet their personal and financial goals

Equities first has been set up since 2002 as a company that has solutions to the lending needs of customers residing in multiple cities.
The company offers credit loans on the customer’s publicly traded stocks and bonds are uses as security for the loan.

They are able to qualify their customers based on less stringent criteria using the stocks as security for the loans. They are offer lower interest rates on their loan products.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” a View of the State of America

Sean Penn is an American actor that was born in California in 1960. He began his career on Broadway and by making appearances on television shows. He has starred in films that include “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Dead Man Walking.” He has received the Academy Award twice and was nominated for the Directors Guild of America. He participates in political and social activism and has protested former President Bush. He has defended freedom of speech and visited Cuba. He has met with President Raul Castro and has supported the Syrian government.

Recently, Sean wrote a book titled, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The book is about a middle-aged man named Bob, who has myriad of unconventional jobs. His jobs are a septic tank salesman, rescuer of Hasidic Jews and assassin. All of his jobs have an underlying political message and social undertone. He wrote this book as a form of satire regarding the state of America. When he wrote this book, he was not inspired by other writers, and he used his own voice. He believes that his writing should reflect his ideas and that he needs to use his imagination. He wanted to write a book that was not going to hold back his feelings and get his message across. He thinks his age had plenty to do with the way he wrote this book.

Sean admits that he tried to write books in the past but was interrupted. This time he was enthused about being able to write and complete this book. The main character is based on the way that he sees the country. He believes the country is full of lonely people and isolation is a normal condition. He created Bob as a murderer that kills people out of morality. In the book, he discusses how there is an issue with fiction and people take it too seriously. He wrote his book to leave behind a legacy that he hopes will help people realize the issues in society today. He plans to continue writing and sharing his message and views with the world.

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Psi Pay Makes Payments Easy

Kerv Wearables has partnered with Psi Pay to create a ceramic ring that offers contactless payments. Contactless payments are made with the use of a bank card, credit card, or with a smart card. Cashless payments or contactless payments were available for over ten years, but a few retailers only accepted these payments. Contactless payments have grown in popularity, and as of 2015, one-third of all payments made in Britain are contactless payments. The forms of contactless payments frequently used were debit and credit card transactions, as well as payments using smart cards.

However, Kerv Wearables partnership with Psi Pay is about to change the game. Kerv wearable recently funded the creation of a ceramic ring through crowdfunding. The ceramic ring is a contactless payment method. Customers paying with the ring can merely hold it 1.6 inches away from the payment terminal to conclude their transaction with Psi pay. The ceramic ring is available in 12 sizes and was created to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. People who buy the ring do not have to worry that it will break or fracture.

Just as the method of payment is changing so is the way for carrying currency. When cash was the primary form of payment during transactions, it was carried in a purse or a wallet. Now, that currency is shifting from a physical medium to an electronic medium people are still using wallets to carry their digital currency. Electronic wallets are also known as e-wallets are used as a form of payment method.

There are currently two models of e-wallets: the American and the European. The American wallet is used to make online purchases. The American wallet is primarily a card-based transaction and holds no stored values in and of itself. Once a customer chooses an item for purchase the customer can use the wallet as a payment option and the purchase will clear using whatever deposit method that is attached to the wallet. If a debit, credit, or smart card was used to fund the e-wallet, it is easy for the transaction to be processed. The European model of an e-wallet is more complex an offers more payment alternatives and has more options to deposit or load funds. The European e-wallet functions more like a debit card attached to your bank account, according to PSI Pay. However, no credit is offered, and there are no overdrafts.

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Digital Wallets Vary by Country- PSI-Pay and EcoPayz Close the Gap

At the D’Or Institute of Research and Education Dr. Jorge Moll Creates Images of Emotion.

The Brazilian doctor Jorge Moll, and his research team at D’or Institute of Research and Education is continuing to widen their research on moral cognitive neurosciences and furthering Dr. Jorge Moll’s previous research that confirmed emotions and morality will cause changes within the brain that is visible through fMRI imaging.

Identifying and visually recording, through fMRI, the effects our emotions and choices cause within our brain is Dr. Jorge Moll’s passion. His 2003 thesis, fMRI In Moral Judgement and Sensitivity began to conclusively link behavior with visible signs of emotion and behavior throughout different ranges within the brain. Dr. Moll’s conclusions solidified in 2005 when, with Jordan Grafman, fMRI imaging recorded the pleasure centers of the brain being activated by charitable giving, leading researchers to conclude that the human brain is happy with generosity and has provided much-needed neurological imaging. The continued expansion of Dr. Jorge Moll’s research has created breakthroughs in the neurological understanding of feelings and have led to projects at the D’or Institute designed to further expand the research of cognitive neurological imaging into areas of biofeedback, appetite and cravings and social development.

This research conducted by Dr. Jorge Moll will continue to immense value to the future of neurology and psychiatry. By establishing a complete map of the brain that identifies the specific and overlapping areas that respond to social interaction, choices and moral decisions, treatments will be developed to reduce the effect of traumatic brain injuries and effective therapies will be created for mental illnesses and degenerative neurological disorders.

Dr. Jorge Molls images identifying the changes of our brain makes during cognitive processes and emotional moments, along with the current research being done at the D’or Institute have created an insight into our behavioral repercussions on our brains and offer a needed catalyst for improved therapies for neurological diseases and advanced patient treatment options.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And His Assessment of Bradesco’s New President

It is said that people in business could most likely experience a sort of dark afternoon of the soul. They can feel some weird sense of terrible negativity when they think that their business ideas don’t fly, don’t get the support they deserve and don’t pan out well. Entrepreneurs could feel like their life had been a waste. Fortunately, when they’re in the dark, it’s not going to be that soon that the sun outside will shine on them. This is the case, challenge, and fate of brave entrepreneurs like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

The Next Phase of CEO of Bradesco

There are things in life that probably won’t end up well, and the secret of a good businessman is to be able to withstand all these challenges without giving up. A good leader is also able to show a series of calculation of the merits and demerits of the things that he/she gets into to find the better ways to improve things. In the case of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, he’s able to do to this by making sure that he’d be able to address the series of challenges not just with him, but also with the workforce that he handles.

Now that the president of Bradesco is now moving to a different path, there’s much to expect regarding the structure of the company. There would still be the same corporate culture that’s known in Bradesco’s operations, but sadly, the new changes would mean a new set of challenges regarding rapport, support, and morale of the workforce. According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, these changes would not be anything that he and his managing workforce won’t be able to manage. He’s still able to make sure that he can do everything that he wants the company to achieve.

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We can also say here that Luiz Carlos Trabuco had confirmed that the new president would also be egressed from Bradesco’s operations, and that would mean that there would still be a transition period where the new president could find the right footing for the management. Trabuco also said that the new management also has to make sure to implement the same corporate standards, salutory tradition and quality corporate governance that makes Bradesco known across the globe. The present and the future generation of Bradesco lies in how Trabuco and the new President would have to channel all these values in the calculated stream of operations in the company.

We should also not forget to state here that Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi also believes that there’s a need for more literacy programs in the clients of the bank since there are millions of clients of the bank that still don’t have any idea about the digital platforms of the company.

That said, Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi had been the Chairman of the Board of Banco Bradesco SA, and the fact that he’s able to still head the company with a respectable level of service could be a testament of his authority in the assessment of Bradesco’s new president.

Trabuco received Entrepreneur of the Year and Insurance Personality of the Year because of the dedication and hardworking he showed with his more than 40 years in the industry. After graduating in college, he worked as bank teller in Bradesco bank.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://epocanegocios.globo.com/Economia/noticia/2018/04/o-brasil-e-o-melhor-ativo-que-o-mundo-tem-para-investir-diz-trabuco.html

Sean Penn Dictates a New Novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” And Hopes We Hear It

Most of us don’t really think about the reality of being an actor in the movie business. The situation is that you commit an enormous amount of your time and energy to a project that could take many months or possibly even years of your life in a scenario in which you have very little or no control over the finished product. Like Sean Penn, he has a new book coming out called Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff, and you can find it on Amazon. If you are a creative individual this just has to wear you down. Most creative minds want some measure of control and input into something as potentially profound and moving as a motion picture. The only way to get around this is to direct and/or produce films yourself. But this just creates more responsibilities and virtually guarantees the complete consumption of your personal life so that there is nothing else but that film and all the pressure that comes with it.


Sean Penn is sick of all that. So he quit the movie business and wrote a novel. It has a weird title but catchy, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” It’s about a U.S. government assassin who moonlights as a septic tank salesman. He chose this form of storytelling because he wanted to be captain of his own ship without the immense pressure of an enormous amount of money on his shoulders. Sean is still interested in filmmaking but it’s unlikely that he will be acting anytime soon.


Most of the novel was dictated for the simple reason that he can’t type as fast as he can think. Also, the ribbons for his preferred typewriter are increasingly hard to find. He has no interest in firing up a laptop and staring at a backlit screen so he decided that this would be the best method. The book tackles the idea that if societies aren’t working towards inclusiveness, then they’re promoting divisiveness. The book ruthlessly slams this notion of branding that’s permeating our world and paints a bizarre dystopian vision of a possible but hopefully implausible future.

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PSI-Pay, Making Finance Convenient and Fashionable

PSI-Pay is a company that’s revolutionizing the way people do business. The company is a principle of MasterCard and has been in business for over a decade. Recently, the company has introduced new technology that’s not only convenient, it’s wearable. Manufactured by Kerv Wearables, a new ceramic ring can act as your payment device when checking out. The devices have been produced in limited quantities.

Both companies used intelligent planning to make sure they’ve covered all their bases. The ceramic ring is stronger than most any metal, even titanium. It requires no battery, so even if your mobile phone is out of battery life, you’re still able to make a “contactless payment” with your MasterCard account. You simply hold the ring within an inch and a half from the payment processor, and any transaction under the threshold amount for the country you’re located in is automatically processed. It’s a convenient, quick, easy, and now even fashionable way to handle business. PSI-Pay is hopeful that this technology will become more prominent in the coming years.

Another topic that’s been on the financial radar lately is e-wallets. For those who are unfamiliar with this new technology, you’re not alone. PSI-Pay is happy to help simplify the “basics” that can help organize and even, simplify life for nearly anyone.

In a nutshell, e-wallets are a place to electronically and securely store payment information. Financial transactions are processed in real time in most cases. Store loyalty program card linking and storage are also a popular feature of e-wallets. While there are many similarities worldwide, the US and European e-wallets do have some minor differences.

The European e-wallets are both bank and non-bank owned and managed. There’s real-time processing of transactions, typically in your local currency. A major benefit of these e-wallets is that business between European countries can be simplified, and costs reduced by automatic currency conversions. Typically, no credit is extended through the accounts allowed with these processors. This protects both the customer and merchant from potential financial problems after the fact.

American e-wallets operate similarly, however, there is often an extension of credit when necessary. Although the US e-wallet model may seem more “liberal” than its European counterpart, there are many protections in place as well. Both European and US consumers have their typical credit card fraud protection. The US, however, makes it rather easy to dispute transactions should there be any issues. This can include mishaps involving false advertising, rip-offs, and many other instances. For more information, PSI-Pay makes even more information available online for merchants at their website at http://psi-pay.co.uk/. Check out all the new options available for your business, today!

While there are several similarities and differences, PSI-Pay and their technological advances are making life easier for everyone. Be sure to check out their products, today.


Adrangi Issues Negative Report

At only 33 years old, Sahm Adrangi has accomplished feats that few even dream of accomplishing. With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the prestigious Ivy League, Yale University, Sahm Adrangi has accumulated vast knowledge and experience in the investment world with a premier education.

Currently, Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Kerrisdale Capital firm, an investment and service-oriented organization. Prior to Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi was a top executive and analyst in Longacre Fund Management, where he helped build its billion-dollar empire of assets. Moreover, he helped the company with various credit and equity funds. Adrangi describes himself as more of a value investor and a generalist in terms of personal expertise.

Even before Longacre Fund Management, Adrangi was involved with companies such as Chanin Capital Partners and Deutsche Bank, all of which has helped build Adrangi’s illustrious career. In Deutsche Bank alone, Adrangi helped structure the bank debts and yielded high returns. Today, Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital is strongly an investment management organization driven by long-term investment values and event-driven specializations.

Recently, however, Asdrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital issued a negative report on the image organization, Eastman Kodak Company. Adrangi holds that the Eastman Kodak Company is fatally flawed in its initiative and will only hurt potential investors, specifying that the Kodak shareholders are only at a loss based on the overwhelming hype.

Eastman Kodak’s stock rose by a significant 187% since it announced a massive partnership with an image-licensing and cryptocurrency corporation. With strong vitality, Kerrisdale attests that these latest sets of acquisitions are only a method to thwart investors from potentially seeing the company’s flawed system and infrastructure management. Currently, the company only seeks to benefit if Kodak significantly drops in its share price. To prove its stance, Kerrisdale Capital is hosting a conference call to discuss the Kodak reports.