InnovaCare Health: Delivering Quality Healthcare Services Using Sustainable Managed Care Models

InnovaCare Health Incorporated is a privately owned provider of quality healthcare services. The company has developed a reputation for its commitment to providing patients with excellent patient-centric care using coordinated, cost-effective, innovative, sustainable managed care models. InnovaCare Health’s provider networks is made up of some of the top healthcare professionals in the industry. Using network that includes some of the country’s finest and most technologically advance healthcare facilities, the InnovaCare Health team delivers a wide array of quality healthcare services.

The Fort Lee, New Jersey headquartered company serves over 467,000 patients in the continental United States and another 200,000 in Puerto Rico through its subsidiary MMM Healthcare. InnovaCare Health integrates the entire healthcare ecosystem to offer excellent value-based care for each patient and create stronger, healthier communities. InnovaCare Health collaborates with key stakeholders, monitors their results and draws on its administrative and operational expertise to ensure the type and quality of their services evolves to meet the changing needs of their patients.

The InnovaCare Health leadership team is made up of preeminent experts with decades of experience in care delivery and managed care. Company president and CEO Richard Shinto, M.D., has over 20 years experience in clinical and operational healthcare. After earning his medical degree at Stony Brook University Medical School in New York as an internist and pulmonologist, Dr. Shinto practiced medicine in Southern California for many years.

Dr. Shinto was MedPartners corporate vice president of medical management, Orange County Cal Optima Health Plan’s chief medical officer, and Medical Pathways Management Company’s CEO and CMO. Dr. Richard Shinto was also CEO of NAMM California, president and CEO of Aveta Incorporated and CEO of MMM Healthcare before joining InnovaCare Health. He’s also on the board of several insurance, managed care and physician trade organizations and has written several articles about clinical medicine and healthcare.

Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer. She previously served as its COO. Kokinides has 20 years experience in health care. Her specialty is managed care and government programs. She’s also an expert in designing clinical programs, managing healthcare operations and processes and improving organizational infrastructure and efficiencies. Check out businesswire to see more.

Kokinides has master’s degrees in public health, social work and alcohol and substance abuse. She’s been COO and vice president of clinical operations at Aveta Inc., COO and executive vice president of Centerlight Healthcare, COO of Touchstone Health and AmericChoice’s corporate vice president for care and disease management.

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The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Entrepreneurs looking for a great career making residual income and providing homes for people who need them should most definitely look into real estate. Nick Vertucci, CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, is a real estate success story that will inspire all those looking for a career where they call the shots.

Nick didn’t allow a hard childhood and the death of a parent at a young age get him down for too long. On the contrary, Nick took his struggles and turned them into his strength. At 18 years old, he struck it out on his own and started his own tech company. Although this business did not turn out as successful as he expected, Nick decided to pick himself back up and try again. Enrolling in a real estate academy soon after catapulted him into real estate fame.

Nick Vertucci started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in January 2014. His main objective was to create the best real estate training academy on the industry. Nick is definitely the perfect candidate for students to learn from as he is essentially a self made success. One of the main keys to his success was building his portfolio quickly in his career. This was done by purchasing homes that had been foreclosed and then swiftly making a profit to continue the process.

Nick’s real estate company truly a gem thanks to the straightforward teaching method implemented at the school. Students have the opportunity to learn the ropes of real estate from actual professionals within the industry. Their hands on and fail proof approach to teaching real estate investing is what makes sure students get the tools they need for success.

All those interested in a lucrative and rewarding career as a real estate investor should check out Nick’s website for more information on enrollment and courses. It’s not all hard work and no play at the academy as students get the chance to take an exclusive, VIP Bus Tour. Reach out the the well known Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy for a rewarding career in real estate.

Clayton Hutson’s Road to a Successful Tour Manager

A tour manager can make or break any music tour. Clayton Hutson has been in the consideration for many musicians tours, either small and big. He has been able to bring success to many musicians over the years he has been in the industry.


Hutson is a successful live sound engineer, monitor engineer as well as a manager. He is passionate about what he does. Over the two decades that he has been in the industry, Clayton Hutson has established himself as a successful production manager in the music industry. He is one of the best in the profession. To be a successful tour manager as Clayton, it takes hard work and dedication.


Over an extended period, Clayton Hutson has been in the industry working in different aspects such as audio, lighting and driving the truck. He has been able to wear different hats successfully. Despite his success, Hutson is a down-to-earth type of person, who faces challenges that come his way without shying off.


Hutson brought SD11 console on the road during the Arron Lewis tour, which was the first of its kind and got a great success. The equipment choice demonstrates the in-depth knowledge that Hutson as a musical engineering tour manager can give to the clients.


Apart from being a tour manager, Hutson is also an accomplished sound engineer. He has been able to work with various artists from different music genres and has been able to put together some memorable performances.


Hutson also operates his own live event production company. The company has been able to work with many artists on different types of tours. The company has been a top choice for many artists. It offers services such as production management, show producer, production design and other services.


Clayton Hutson takes part in every stage of the live show process, starting from the idea phase to the execution. Due to his creativity in the industry, Hutson is aware of the difficult challenges that can arise in the live show and seems always to have the solution.


Clayton Hutson has a Bachelor’s in Theater Design and Production from Central Michigan. It was after his studies when he entered in the music industry as a production manager. One thing he was sure of, is that he had to work his way from the bottom, and that is what he did. Learn more: