Picking the Best Online Reputation Management Firm for your Business

As published in Fox News, choosing the right online management firm for any business is a crucial step in developing a strong, positive online presence in a world where the internet is king.

If your ORM search starts where most people’s searches do, online, be wary of the many paid advertisements that come up first on a Google Search of the term. Companies that spend heavily on new customer acquisition do not always have the best record of putting time and effort into the customers that they already have. By scrolling a little further, and looking at the organic results, you can often find a better match and compare several companies that offer the desired services.

According to onlinereputationreviews.com, your internet searches on the ORM companies should not yield any major negatives, or at the very least, those negatives should not seriously outweigh the positives. If they do, then the company cannot even manage its own reputation online, and probably can’t help yours either.

You also want to be wary of the company’s promises. If they are pledging to “outsmart Google” or a quick fix to all your online reputation issues, keep looking. Google is constantly catching these so-called “black hat” SEO tricks and demoting search returns that don’t add real value. Ask questions about what the company does, and how they do it. If it sounds dodgy, it probably is.

The best thing is to find a company that understands that ORM is a long-haul proposition, and works to create a partnership between themselves and their clients. Challenges to your online reputation can constantly come up, and the best way to overcome them is by creating long-term strategies to deal with them, not quick fixes that sound good but don’t last. Google and other search engines look for value, you should too.

Finally, diversity is key. You may not know right now which of your online accounts will be most popular and need the most management six months from now. The right ORM firm will be able to evolve with you, and produce quality results as you need them.

Yanni Hufnagel

Coach Hufnagel Says Goodbye to the Wolfpack After a Great Year.


After a one-year stint as an assistant coach for the University of Nevada, Reno, Coach Yanni Hufnagel will try to build on his success as one the hottest young coaches in college basketball.


Coach Hufnagel’s 2016-2017 season with the Wolfpack was the latest in a career that has spanned the country. After graduating from Cornell in 2006, Hufnagel work as a graduate assistant at the University of Oklahoma. In 2009, Coach Hufnagel got his break being hired as an assistant coach under Tommy Amaker at Harvard. During his four-year stint with the Crimson, he saw the team go 79-24. Coach Hufnagel was recognized as a key recruiter for Harvard, signing Zena Edosomwan, a 6-foot-9 recruit ranked as a top-100 high school player in the country in 2012. Coach Hufnagel followed up his success at Harvard taking a position at Vanderbilt University. He helped to land the Commodore’s 2013 recruiting class that was ranked 29th in the country. The next year, he took a position with the University of California Golden Bears in Berkeley where he was the team’s chief recruiter for two years. In 2016, he took a similar position at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Coach Hufnagel also got an opportunity as a head coach in the summer of 2013. For two weeks in July, Hufnagel coached the Maccabi USA’s under-18 boys’ team during the 19th Maccabiah Games in Israel. While not what you would have called a Dream Team, this in no way curb Hufnagel’s usually enthusiasm for any task he takes on. “I think I’ve got the best Jewish kids in the country who are under the age of 18,” he said. Turned out that the coach wasn’t far off the mark as he led the team to a gold medal championship that year in Israel.



White Shark Media Further Grows To Rank Among Established Digital Marketing Agencies

White Shark Media is among highly established digital marketing agencies within North America that have helped many upcoming businesses to manage their marketing challenges. With a growing team of experts in SEM and AdWords management, the company has been identified by companies like Google as one of the fastest growing partner in the AdWords management industry. Being unique and offering solutions that are tailored to helping a business to grow has been among points White Shark Media upholds and pursues carefully. It has been offering digital marketing solutions that are ideal for small and upcoming businesses in different specialties.


Services to boost SEM performance

To help businesses handle their affairs more seamlessly, White Shark Media has been offering live evaluation of the SEM campaigns and working with digital advisors to help businesses handle their SEM campaigns better. This service allows a business to understand how to handle things differently and why it should pursue ideas that are in line with its goals. White Shark Media picks the business and develops a SEM strategy that is most suited to its operations and services. It comes up with a system that evaluates the goals of a business and develops a structure that suits the business to help in its growth and development process.


Search marketing solutions

Through White Shark Media, one can enjoy full synergy in search marketing efforts and campaigns. They offer complete SEO and AdWords management plans that are unique and friendly to the growth of the business. White Shark Media has also been delivering mobile-friendly sites to help the business achieve its goals more smoothly while pursuing marketing campaigns. These management plans are flat fee and there are no contracts attached to them.


Ecommerce marketing management

Implementing a marketing plan that is suited for an eCommerce system is a process that takes time and effort. White Shark Media offers u unique marketing plans that are designed to cater for eCommerce businesses and entities that are based on this industry. The company has been offering ROI-driven approaches to the management of AdWords campaigns and revenue tracking for easier ROI reporting. White Shark Media also analyzes the growth process of the business and proposes the right growth strategies to suit the business and eliminate challenges. They have been working with Google as an SMB Premier partner and Bing in the Reseller program, all these because the company proved to be a serious digital marketing agency.

Find out more about White Shark Media:




Jeanmarie Guenot – Exemplary Leader In The Biotechnology Space

Jeanmarie Guenot has had a bright career in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sector of over two decades and continues to be an example and a role model for many in the biotech space. Over the years, Jeanmarie has worked with many different companies and organizations in the public and private sectors and helped many biopharmaceutical companies to grow, expand and make significant progress in their research and development projects.

Jeanmarie has a very impressive educational background, having done Masters in Business Administration from Wharton School of Business and Ph.D. from University of California, San Francisco. At present, Jeanmarie serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of one of the leading innovative biotechnology firms researching on immune and cancer therapies, Amphivena Therapeutics Inc.

Amphivena Therapeutics Inc is a company that is still under the pre-clinical developmental stage, and its specialty includes researching on and developing highly efficient cancer therapies and antibody therapies for effective cancer treatment, removal of the tumor and hematological malignancies. The firm at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeanmarie-guenot aims to provide effective cure and diagnosis for patients suffering from terminal diseases. The company has made tremendous progress since the time of its inception in 2013 under the leadership of Jeanmarie. Recently, Amphivena Therapeutics Inc also collaborated with Janssen Biotech Inc and received the funds for further advanced research.

Read more: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

Jeanmarie Guenot started her career by joining Hoffman- La Roche as Principal Scientist and then moved on to Atlas Ventures, where she worked as an Associate in the Life Sciences department for three years. At Atlas Ventures, she understood the business dynamics of the biopharmaceutical sector and also helped the firm invest in many different biotechnology ventures. In 2008, she even started her company by the name of Guenot LLC, where she worked as Managing Partner for one year. In 2009, she began another biopharmaceutical startup by the name SKS Ocular, LLC, which worked towards finding a cure and better therapies for Glaucoma, hematological malignancies, and macular degeneration.

Jeanmarie Guenot is one of the most respected and well-known leaders in the biotechnology space, and for years has contributed immensely to the field through her research and by helping biopharma companies to conduct innovative research projects, under her leadership.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, A Woman Without Limits

Having received recognition for being one of the twenty-four best beauty surgeons in the United States, there is no denying that Dr. Jennifer Walden has it all. In order to establish herself as a leader in her field of practice, Dr. Walden had to train with the preeminent cosmetic surgeons in New York City. She established her first successful practice in Manhattan, and then later on returned to her hometown, Austin, where she opened up another practice. Few women have been members of the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery (ASAPS), but Dr. Walden has made it into this short list. On top of being an award-winning surgeon and a published author, she is also popular with the media, having appeared on numerous national television programs and famous magazines. She is also blessed with two beautiful children and a mother who inspires her every single day.


Though she is firmly in control of every aspect of her life, Dr. Walden is in fact a warm and friendly individual who radiates with her charm and elegance. Being a mother, Dr. Jennifer Walden can put all the people around her at ease, which says a lot about her bedside manners. Despite being a powerful woman, she can remain grounded and deeply embedded to her roots.


Having opened her practice in her Hometown, says a lot about Jennifer Walden. Most especially, it reveals that she is truly rooted to her background. Born to a dentist and a surgical nurse in Austin, Texas, Jennifer Walden grew up in the Northwest Hills Neighborhood. Having four other siblings, Dr. Walden grew up in an environment that was quite competitive and education and achievements was quite valued.


Dr. Walden graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin then later was accepted to medical school. Determined to prove herself worthy of the chance, she graduated as Salutatorian of her class. Her passion to pursue plastic surgery came about due to her intrigue with the artistry and creativity of it coupled up with an immediacy of the surgical outcome.



Lazy People: Our Time Has Come


The glamorous Wengie has a video out that I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to watch: 12 Life Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know.

Yes, you read that correctly. Our time has come. A beautiful blogger is not only giving the okay, she’s going to teach us how.

The video starts out with Wengie suffering from hunger induced hallucinations. We’ve all been there. She then introduces some delicious choices for quick and easy microwavable meals that she made with a few spare ingredients around the house. This was actually great to watch because she had ideas for different types of hunger: fruit cravings, pizza cravings, vegetable cravings, and so on. It puts a real unique spin of the idea of a lazy dish without having to spend money or order fast food.

The video goes on with some great tips to being lazy at home like pushing all the chips in a bag up to the top so you don’t have to reach down, ironing the collar of your jacket with your flat iron (brilliant), and even Face-Timing your oven. The latter I had never thought about but now it makes perfect sense. Why keep getting up to check on the status of your food in the oven when you can just Face-Time it while you watch Netflix? This girl is a genius.

Wengie continues to put a spin on conventional lazy ideas. She puts her sweater on backwards to fill the hood with popcorn, puts plastic wrap on a plate so she won’t have to wash it after each meal, and even utilizes a sippy cup to enjoy her drinks while laying down. She does all of this while being accompanied by her equally charismatic hallucination that puts all of our lazy day, frizzy-haired selves to shame.

All in all, this was a great video that made me laugh the whole way. Some of her ideas were out of this world and creative while others were just downright practical and easy to pull off. I know I’ll be taking some tips my next lazy day.


Technological Fashions by Christopher Burch

Dynamism is a trait paramount in the fashion industry. Almost every aspect of it keeps changing. Bearing this in mind, an excellent fashion designer in this market has to be remarkably and uniquely creative to have a competitive edge over competitors. In the quest for supremacy in the sector, it has seen new changes implemented whereby technology has been incorporated for better and quality end results as clearly depicted by Chris Burch.

Christopher Burch is both founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He also is a co-founder of the Tory Burch luxury fashion brand and is an active investor with a keen sense of sales and marketing. He states that over time, technology has become fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. It simply shows how the two variables are explicitly intertwined with fashion being the baseline. He further explains that the collaboration of the two has made it possible for the past, present, and future to be brought alive all in one package.

The objective of every designer is to create something that is going to meet the contemporary needs of the people. With technology in use, this has been made easier. The standards of functionality and innovation have thus been boosted a notch higher. Renowned designers in the world market today have admitted of the remarkable improvements technology has brought, presenting them with endless options.

Technology has also led to the designing of protective gears. Though not considered fashionable, its use has seen the creation of systems of protection like the cyclists’ airbag. It is a neckwear that pops out to protect one’s head against impact. More so, technology is being employed to recycle materials that later used to create fabulous fashions.

Chris also explains how using the two can create energy. Kinetic energy from produced clothes can be used to power up small electronic gadgets like watches and I-pods. Fashion is more often than not used to sell technology. Many people pick up styles, trends, and tendencies from fashion-rooms and shows. Therefore, incorporating technology in these activities may lead to technological acceptance of things not previously regarded fashionable.

Chris Burch has clearly outlined the interdependencies encompassing these two variables. It’s now outright that fashion and technology can go hand in hand and even help each other. Their future is tangled together.




The Impressive Resume of Eric Pulier

There is no question that Eric Pulier has an impressive resume and has come in contact with a lot of different people. Indeed, his impressive resume could even mention the fact that he played a large contribution to the second presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. He designed the “technology bridge to the 21st century” display on the mall in Washington for this important event. Of course, Pulier’s career contribution are not just limited to politics. He has also contributed in other ways.


These would include serving as the chairman and chief executive officer of SOA Software, Inc. from July 1995 to July 1998 and then serving as the chief technological officer of the company from July 1998 to May 1999. If that weren’t impressive enough he has also established himself as a pioneer in the software electronics management field for over two decades.


The evidence of this speaks for itself simply because of the fact that Pulier has founded or co-founded a number of important companies. These would include co-founding Interactive Video Technology in 1998. While he was at it, Pulier also founded Desktone in 2007, which is now a subsidiary of VMware, Inc. If that alone was the scope of how many companies Pulier has founded, it would greatly highlight his huge organizational skills. However, he has more to add to his resume.


He has also served as a director for a number of different companies, including Santa Monica Media Corporation since 2005 and director of MPOD, Inc from 1998 to 2001. Pulier also current serves as executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. Finally, Pulier has also served as director for ArtistDirect.


There is no question that Eric Pulier has led the way not only in having a career that others could only envy but has shown himself to be a solid community leader in his philanthropic pursuits as well. Pulier’s has the know-how to make his world a better place for now and generations to come.



The Art of Buying Wine

If you’re a wine lover, you know there are many things to consider when getting the perfect wine: the occasion, the brand, the aging process, and many other things. There’s so much to learn and so much to love about wine beyond the taste, and UKV PLC makes it their job to keep you informed.

Whether you’re looking for consulting on which wine is best for your needs or are looking for more intimate brands, UKV PLC takes a very unique stance on wine appreciation.

Within seconds of being on their Facebook page alone, you’ll learn the health benefits of wine, the political effects on wine, and even what part the human brain plays in the consumption and appreciation of wine! UKV PLC turns their job into passion and make it hard to put down your phone or computer by giving you fun reads about your favorite drinks.

Because of this, I couldn’t help but go to their website. There, they offer many other services like brokerage, delivery, and even the option to buy wine straight from the site. Looking for champagne? They’ve got that. Maybe you’re in the mood for Italian? Spanish? Whatever your needs may be, UKV PLC has it, and each option is aged beautifully and priced accordingly. They even have unique accessories to match.

But don’t just take my word for it, UKV PLC even has some press to back up their skills in acquiring and selling these fine wines. We all have consultants for the boring stuff, these guys achieve their goal of adding savvy and knowledge to the better things.

Now that we know UKV PLC exists, we can have peace of mind knowing the professionals have our back and will help us get the finest of wines around.

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Highland Capital the Leading Credit Management Firm in the World

Highland Capital is the leading firm in the world offering credit management services. The company was formed in 1990 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The two partners have been running the business for the last 27 years. Earlier the company was operating jointly with Protective Life Insurance Company. It mainly focused on fixed income markets and managed home loans for clients. In 1993 the company name changed to Protective Asset Management Company. In 1997 the two business partners bought the entire company stake and again changed the company name to Ranger Asset Management. A year later the company re-branded, and it was called Highland Capital to access a larger market.


The company under the excellent leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada launched the Commingled bank loan which was the first for the firm. With aggressiveness to give clients more products, the company established the 40Act investment plan that was well received by investors in the credit markets. Highland Capital was not stopping, and every day they were researching extensively on products they can add on their line to serve customers in a more excellent way. In 2004 it made an entry in the mutual fund’s markets and it acquired floating rate funds from the Columbian asset management markets.


Highland Capital Management customer base became wider in 2008 and 2011 when the company became global and launched new branches in Singapore and Seoul. The company has diversified over time in the credit markets, and it is among the first companies to offer collateralized loans. Highland Capital was the first non-bank to provide Collateral Loan Obligation to clients the service was launched in 1996 and from that time it has stood out as the most trusted CLO manager in the world. It has managed over 30 billion dollars CLOs, and this has earned the firm a good reputation. The firm has been in the forefront assisting investors to manage loans in a way that is less risky. The company services are offered to private investors and public institutions in America and across the globe.


Highland Capital head offices are in Texas, and it has created employment for over 180 professionals who are very excellent in credit management. The company is dedicated to bettering lives for impoverished people across the world and a significant amount of money every year is donated to charitable initiatives.