Fishbat Takes Home Leadership Position

Fishbat has recently been named one of the top reputation management firms in the entire country after being ranked by the Top SEO Rankers. Their new placement in the standings is due to their exceptional work in the digital reputation management industry. The already-leader has reached an all new achievement with their newest ranking in the country.

Top SEO Rankers matches businesses with the best SEO service providers such as Status Labs and many more. This online service scores the agencies by analyzing the many results in many different categories. These categories can range from customer reviews to website traffic. The Top SEO Rankers service released their latest findings recently and Fishbat came out as one of the top reputation management firms in the nation.

Fishbat was established in 2011 and has consistently grown to gain notoriety due to their full-service marketing services. As a social media and marketing agency with many awards to their credit, Fishbat has been known for years as an innovator in the industry. Their services like SEO, branding, web design, public relations, and reputation management have quickly made them a leader within the field.

Fishbat received high scores in every subject of the evaluation process done by Top SEO Rankers. Their best category was reputation management, in which they scored the highest. Fishbat also scored especially high in social media presence, client reviews, traffic rank, and brand reach. Their history includes giving brands the ability to grow and rank highly on search engines. Fishbat is dedicated to the world of social media and online marketing. They are known for using innovative strategies to create a professional online voice for each and every one of its clients.

The company was founded by three passionate friends. Clay Dorrohn, Scott Dorrohn and Jennifer Calise brought together every aspect of online marketing together into one fabulous company, Fishbat. It’s easy to see why they’re leaders in reputation management. As far as SEO organizations are concerned, Top SEO Rankers are the best of the best. They base their decisions on data that they gather through the success of the services provided by SEO agencies.


How Chris Villanueva Fostered the Growth of MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is a practice development and dental management firm founded by Chris Steven Villanueva. The company is also affiliated with practice owners, and dentists in the U.S. MB2 Dental reaches clients from different geographical locations through its affiliated offices. These offices strive for clinical autonomy and are run by MB2’s professional team. As an associate dentist, you can also seek MB2’s mentoring, career growth, and learning solutions. These solutions enable associate dentists to progress their career as they work with an affiliate office of MB2 Dental Solutions. Through its 70 affiliated centers in six U.S. states, MB2 Dental Solutions provides clients with cost effective dental solutions.


Success Story


The success story of MB2 Dental began when Chris Steven Villanueva founded the dental firm. He was inspired by the challenges that faced the group practice and sole practice models of dentistry. He also wanted dentists to obtain knowledge from the company that would benefit them professionally. MB2 Dental Solutions was also established with a mission to combine the qualities of group practices and sole practitioners. Since 2009 when it was founded, the number of professionals working at MB2’s affiliated dental offices has grown to more than 75 individuals.


Vision and Mission


As a dental firm, MB2 Dental Solutions seeks to create an atmosphere for dentists to perfect their practices. The company also focuses on helping customers by meeting their individual needs. MB2’s mission is to enhance dental solutions in the U.S. by working with a team of experts. The firm also relies on personalized systems when handling non-clinical tasks. This approach enables affiliated owners to make rational business decisions that are entirely focused on patient care. MB2’s professional team is driven by innovation, integrity, teamwork, and excellence.

Leadership Team


Chris Steven Villanueva heads the leadership team of MB2 Dental Solutions as the CEO. Justin Puckett, who serves as the company’s president, assists him in managing the dental practice. Justin Carroll, whose expertise lies in investment strategies, holds the chief operations officer position. He works closely with Mark Fuller, who has over twenty years of experience in finance and accounting. Fuller is the chief financial officer of the dental firm. Martha Alikacem is the chief revenue officer for MB2 Dental Solutions. She joined the company in 2012, and she has been instrumental in managing the company’s billing operations. Other members of MB2’s leadership team include Jake Berry, VP of business development, Thomas Southam, chief compliance officer, and Chad Caldwell, director of human resources.

Christopher Burch on Fashion and Technology

Born in 1953 and raised in Pennsylvania, J. Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and investor residing in Miami. He has been involved in the fashion industry ever since he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Together with his brother Robert, they started an investment with a capital of $2,000 buying sweaters at $10 each and selling them at $15 each. He later moved to selling the sweaters to other campuses, and before he realized it, the brand expanded, and he was selling them to retail stores. Over the years the company distributed its products nationally generating about $140 million in sales. Burch also co-chaired another fashion label owned by his wife. The company was known as Tory Burch and was worth an estimated $3.5 billion.


Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital which was previously known as J. Christopher Capital LLC. The company was founded to nurture his new brands and manage his investments. It is based in New York. At the moment the company is developing several lifestyles and consumer products brands. The brands include organic foods, retail, technology industries, and apparel, among others. The company not only invest in funds, but also put in interest, creativity, and vision to create value. Burch has also invested in real estate where he partnered with Philippe Stark who is an architect and Alan Faena to create the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. He also purchased a resort close to Bali called the Nihiwatu Resort. Other projects he invested in are telecommunications and Internet IPO for Internet Capital Group.


According to Mr. Chris Burch, as the technology changes so do the fashion. The future of both of them will be determined by what they get from each other regarding uplift. In any case, if a new technology comes up, the people in the fashion industry should take it upon themselves to advertise it through their popularity. On the other hand, the technology can change and improve the fashion trends. For example, with technology, protection attires have been invented. Instead of the helmets used by bikers, airbags that pop out of the neck-wear of cyclists can be used to prevent any impact on the head. Jackets and T-shirts can also be designed from inner bicycle tubes instead of disposing of them after they wear out. Technology and fashion have also evolved from the past. In the 70s things like music and instruments were on another level but they were the best that people could access at the time. With years, the music felt different and more fashionable in its way. With technology, there are more possibilities than you can imagine.

Desiree Perez Makes Tidal a Unique Sreaming Service

Things are really starting to look up at Tidal, and Jay-Z has Desiree Perez to thank for this. She has become an incredible force at Tidal that has totally changed how this company is perceived.


What Desiree Perez seems to have noticed early on is that music streaming services are all about perception. Dez has been able to help Jay-Z build a music streaming service that people perceive as the best. This is what is driving the customer That is the thing that’s making more people leave the free sites like SoundCloud and Pandora to sign up for a premium fee based service like Tidal. Related story on


Unlike previous people in positions of power at Tidal, Desiree Perez appeared to know the difficulty that came along with starting a fee-based music streaming service. She recognized instantly that it is harder to get people to pay for something that they can get for free. With this in mind, she made a effort to totally transform the way that Tidal went up against the competition.

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She was able to negotiate some contracts and help Jay-Z build a crowd that was going to appreciate exclusive content. Many people were happy to know that she was in place to help Jay-Z restructure Tidal. She has had some cool ideas, and a lot of what she is doing is making people curious about this under dog music-streaming streaming service.  Visit


Desiree Perez is aware that the competition is heating up, but she doesn’t spend a lot of time trying to look at what the competition may be doing. She has made it clear that Tidal is in a league of its own, and she wants to help Jay-Z run the company in that way. Desiree Perez is not stuck on focusing on what the other companies are doing.


DIY Clothing With School Supplies


In this DIY video, Wengie makes awesome clothing with simple school supplies. She begins by turning a tee into a tank. Grab an old t-shirt that you love and cut off the sleeves. You can stop here or also cut a lower neck. Gather the back of the tank top and tie a loop around the fabric, adding in a super cute bunched back.

Now that you have a top, you’ll need bottoms. Wengie teaches viewers how to make colorful highlighter shorts. Using a pair of denim shorts, she bleaches out the shorts with a sponge. Then she washes the shorts in the washer prior to highlighting. Next, she pours warm water into a bowl and then squeezes the highlighter juice into the water. Then she dabs the highlighter onto the bleached area of the shorts. Allow the shorts to dry in the sun or in the dryer.

Now that you have you a shirt and shorts, you’ll need some shoes so you can go out into the world. So, Wengie teaches viewers how to make Sharpie shoes. Grab a pair of plain white canvas shoes and some colored sharpies. Color in different colors all over the shoes. Follow this by taking some rubbing alcohol and pouring it all over the shoes to blend the colors together. Use a q-tip to rub colors as needed. Complete the galaxy look by spraying white paint on. You can also paint in more defined stars. Lace your shoes up and you’re ready to go!




Sawyer Howitt Starting a Business

There are many people today who have the desire to start a business. However, this is often more difficult than many people imagine. Over the years, Sawyer Howitt has proven to truly care about the lives of customers who he is working with. Sawyer Howitt is a great example of what it takes to get to the next level in life. Not only that, but he is one of the leading people in the industry when it comes to helping others in business. When he first started his company, there were a lot of challenges that he had to get over. However, today he is a leader in the industry that many people respect. This is great news for someone like him who is ready to make an impact on the world. With his plans for the future, many people expect great things from him in life and in business.


Successfully raises senior notes to $155 million

Nexbank has been providing financial services to the residents of Dallas Texas and beyond for the past century. Lately, they have been pursuing initiatives and deals that would improve their performance and at the same time benefit their customers. The initiative that they came up with was the senior unsecured notes. These have been offered publicly and so far, more than $155 million has been issued.

The arrangement states that the notes will mature on the 16th of March 2026, however, the notes will start being callable in the March of 2021. The deal has been created such that for the first five years, the notes will bear interest at a fixed rate of 5.5 percentage points. Then, when the first five years have ended, they will spread the rates over a 3 month period. The spread will be based on a 3 month LIBOR of 435.5 basis points. The better business bureau took time to rate the transaction and deemed it as commendable while the Kroll Bond rating agency approved the deal.

The bank hopes that all the profits that will come from this deal will cover the debts issues of the company with the remainder catering for various other corporate uses. The placement agent who brokered this deal was Sandler O’Neil and partners. John Holt, the CEO of Nexbank stated that this transaction was crucial for the bank as it would help them solidify their balance sheet and attain much needed capital for other investments. John, who also serves as the Chief Operations Officer stated that the move was a great success for the bank because it would really help the development of their organization.

About Nexbank

Nexbank has been serving the citizens of Texas since 1912. They are involved with commercial banking, mortgage banking and many other investment types. They deal with both public and private companies that need their financial services.


Successful Female Entrepreneur Rona Borre

Rona Borre is one of the country’s most successful female

Rona Borre is one of the country’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Since starting her own company, Instant Alliance, in 2001, she has earned many awards. Rona is seen as a leader and mentor in her community. She is a board member of The Chicago Network, Economic Club of Chicago and the Young President’s Organization.


As one of Chicago’s leading women business owners she has been featured in numerous TV and print articles. Rona has done interviews both locally and nationally. CBS 2 Chicago and Crain’s Chicago are just two of the local stations she has been on. Nationally her and her company were featured on CNN, CNBC and an article was written on her for USA Today.  Check and read more.


Rona Borre was chosen as an Influential Woman in Business by the National Association of Women Business Owners and by The Business Ledger. Enterprising Women Magazine awarded her with their Enterprising Woman of the Year. Due to her dedication to exemplary customer service, Instant Alliance has also earned some prestigious awards.

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In 2014 Inavero awarded them one of the Best of Client Staffing Awards and their coveted Best of Staffing Diamond Awards. The prestigious diamond award is given when the company reaches five years of consistent client satisfaction scores. The company also received the Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction Award three years in a row.

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How Clay Siegall Has Supported The Growth Of Cancer Research


The fight to defeat cancer has seen many people make effort to deliver solutions that can be used in the long term to help patients. One of the individuals who have stood out in this regard is Clay Siegall, who has invested a lot in cancer research and the development of products that are meant to offer easier and highly reliable methods of treating cancer. As a clinical scientist with over 20 years experience, Clay Siegall has helped many experts who work under him to pursue research projects that later led to the development of useful drug pipelines.

He founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 and has been working as the President and CEO of the company. His leadership has been a major boost to the development of the company and the engineering of solutions that are powerful and meant to advance the fight to find better ways of treating cancer. Through his company, Clay Siegall has launched several technologies and one of the most notable is the ADC Technology, which was rated perfectly as a solution to the many challenges that have been preventing the successful administration of treatment to cancer patients. The technology works by carefully selecting the harmful cells and destroying them while discriminating against the healthy ones.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, who has worked in the field of biotechnology for over 20 years, is the founder and CEO of renowned biotechnology company, Seattle Genetics. He is a passionate researcher and his support for cancer research led to the development of powerful solutions for the treatment of cancer. Clay Siegall has also been inviting support to make the process a success and in this bid, he was able to launch the ADC Technology and ADCETRIS, which have proved useful in the fight against cancer.

His educational background places him among clinical scientists. He first earned a bachelor’s degree in Zoology at the University of Maryland then later joined the University of Washington for a PhD degree in Genetics. He sharpened his skills along the way while working with several companies and corporations like the National Institute of Health.

Who is The Sunny Plumber?

The Sunny Plumber is a Tucson-based plumbing company offering a full line of services available 24-hours per day. The company is licensed, insured, and bonded, bringing more than 40 years of exceptional plumbing service your way.

Over the years, The Sunny Plumber has expanded from one location to a company offering multiple locations in several West-coast states, including Arizona and Nevada. After surpassing expectations of so many home and business owners with their impeccable plumbing services, The Sunny Plumber was able to expand their operations into these various locations and has now proudly served the needs of hundreds of residents and businesses throughout these states.

Work performed by The Sunny Plumber technicians is guaranteed to get your plumbing system back in good working order. Whether you need service performed on your hot water heater or need a service like drain cleaning, The Sunny Plumber provides outstanding, timely work that they stand behind every single time. When you’re confident in what you do, it is easy to stand proudly behind your work. All technicians working for the company are trained and ready to handle your plumbing needs small and large.

The Sunny Plumber is a trusted name in the plumbing industry. With their experience and expertise, you gain peace of mind and confidence in the work being performed. If you reside in one of the service areas of The Sunny Plumber, trusting your service needs to this name may be one of the best decisions you’ve made in some time.