Patty and Scott Rocklage Complete Renovation Of Their House

Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott wanted to renovate their whole house. However, they were unaware that one could perform whole house renovation, so they were in the process of hiring multiple sub-contractors to accomplish various parts of the project. They then met the Sudbury Companies design team who specialize in whole house renovations. Ed Freelender who is an expert renovator showed them how they could make cost savings while still meeting their project’s objectives. After viewing samples in the Sudbury showroom they abandoned their sub-contractor plan and hired Sudbury to renovate their whole house.

Patty did not like how disconnected the kitchen area was from the other living spaces in the house. Mr. Freelender proposed they either renovate the existing kitchen, move the kitchen to another room or build a new kitchen entirely. Scott also wanted the front façade of the house to be accessible by guest because most guests to the house were unable to locate the front door. The Rocklages decided to fix the façade first as it was a more pressing issue.

Another thing that Patty was passionate about, was the landscaping of the house. She wanted the existing landscaping to recycle the rocks that would be affected by the renovation project. The landscaping project had to get permission from the Conservation Commission which insisted that the driveway be made from crushed stone to allow water to filter beneath the driveway. Patty also came up with the idea of recycling the trees in the compound for the landscaping project. The contractors had to relocate and replant 12 trees with three trees being used to make some outdoor furniture. The project also encountered numerous delays due to the weather. The trees could only be replanted during the fall to maximize chances of survival. In the end they had to push back the deadline of finishing the exterior landscaping by Christmas.

In the end Patty Rocklage and Scott were pleased with the completion of the project. The got a new farmer’s porch, a flipped front foyer and the front door was relocated. The exterior landscaping was quite impressive with a new driveway, stonewall and ecofriendly walkways. The Rocklages also refurbished their living area with a new TV, new tiles and a bar.

John Goullet Taking His Business to the Next Level

Divergent Technologies, Inc. is a company that is specialized to offer IT staffing services to other companies. For the company, they engage in the issuance of these services in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, they have kept up with the trend in this industry. Because of their high-quality service delivery in the industry, they have been adopted on a massive scale. They are now offering services to most of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. For the company, they are extremely experienced in the provision of solutions including temporary, contingent, design services, staff augmentation, and direct hire solutions for contract and permanent solutions for other companies.


In the recent past, Divergent Technologies, Inc. decided to engage in services that offer minority business enterprise and veteran programs. Divergent Technologies, Inc. also gives a wide array of job opportunities to those who are in need of jobs in the industry. These job opportunities include database administrators, mobile technology developers, application management, network managers, project managers, and creative designers.


According to a recent study conducted by companies in the United States, Divergent Technologies, Inc. was one of the fastest growing companies. In the recent past, the company recorded a double-digit growth strategy that has never been realized among such enterprises in the country. Because of their success in the market, it is a reflection of the high-end services they offer to their clients in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. The company also has a capability to offer the most efficient solutions to their clients. Or this reason, they have grown to record maximum growth in this business. They have also gotten a rare opportunity to serve the Fortune 500 companies with IT staffing solutions. This is a reflection of their capabilities in the industry.


For the company, they view their clients as their business associates. For this reason, they promote a better understanding of what is needed in the industry. In the end, they promote their names as better business dealers. John Gullet is the CEO and President of Divergent Technologies, Inc. he is respected in the company.


The Value of Stephen Rotella

President of StoneCastle Partners LLC and Philanthropist, Stephen Rotella has proven his success with his experience in different areas of business. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Stephen Rotella is well-versed in finances, particularly retail and online banking. Looking at his accomplishments addresses what he has achieved and what he continues to do.


After graduating from Stony Brook University in 1975 with a degree in economics, Rotella attended University of Albany to earn his Master’s of Business Administration. His education would lead him to various organizations, helping him build what would become an impressive resume. He started his career as Senior Consultant, from there he would become the Vice-President of Shearson Lehman Inc. This experience eventually helped him become President and Chief Operating Officer of WaMu from 2005 to 2008. His time at WaMu would eventually help him earn the role CEO of StoneCastle Partners LLC. This role also helped become the President of StoneCastle Partners in 2014, where he currently resides.


Rotella’s role as CEO and President of StoneCastle Partners LLC has led to their success in a number of areas. In a press release in, discusses the success of StoneCastle Partners LLC acquires insured deposit sweep business from Intermedium Financial. As a leading provider of insured deposit technology, StoneCastle Partners LLC is now able to to expand their strategy into broker-dealer, financial advisor, 401K, and other financial areas, according to the article. The article highlights the success of StoneCastle Partners LLC, addressing the work of Rotella and how he continues to find innovative ways to bring success to this business. Another article, posted in PR Newswire, discusses the value of Rotella for the business, LIFT. The article tells of Rotella’s promotion as the new Chairman of the National Board for LIFT.


Rotella’s background in business, especially with what he’s accomplished, highlights his success. In addition, his role as CEO and President of StoneCastle Partners LLC as well as Chairman of LIFT also signifies his value to these corporations. Stephen Rotella is a significant individual, making a powerful impact on the lives of others.



Bruno Fagali: A Lawyer Who Has Made it in the Law Industry Against all the Odds

Bruno Fagali is among the rising lawyers in Brazil who aim at changing the entire dynamic and concept of the Nation’s legal system. With the help of his in-depth knowledge in the field of Administrative Law and legal experience, Mr. Bruno Fagali has been able to make a name for himself compared to other upcoming lawyers. As we all know, education and experience are the two things that will help you in pursuing your career choice regardless of the industry, and Bruno Fagali had the two of them at hand.

Since 2006, Mr. Bruno Fagali has involved himself in a variety of law firms that has helped in giving him the experience he needed while practicing various law disciplines. At the moment he operates as an independent lawyer in his law firm, Fagali Law Firm at the same time acting as the Corporate Integrity Manager of one of Brazil’s advertisement agency, Nova/SB.

Mr. Bruno Fagali acquired his education from the Pontifical Catholic University where he earned his Law Degree. He later joined the University of Sao Paulo where he attained his Master’s degree in State, administrative and Anti-Corruption Law and this explains why he is well in the field of Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali has been busy pursuing chances suitable for his professional and personal development, and this made him pursue a number of courses.

Through his career journey, Bruno Fagali has worked with some prominent law firms in the nation. He had the opportunity of working as an intern while he was studying in various law businesses that assisted in sharpening what he was being taught. He also worked in the Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia law firm as a lawyer and he had the chance of interacting with other attorneys and learning new things that he applies now he has his law firm that he founded in 2016. He hopes to help a lot of people with the help of his employees and his leadership skills.

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Wine Guides For Traveling Vineyard Have High Quality Of Life

One of the most sought after aspects of any job is flexibility. Flexibility in making your own schedule is a facet of the job that more and more people are coveting. In many cases, flexibility is in higher demand than the actual amount of pay. This is because flexibility in making your own schedule allows you to have a higher quality of life.

Scientific studies show that it is more valuable to spend your money on experiences rather than physical products. The idea is that someone who travels, hikes, sees a lot of shows or invests time in their friends are much happier for it. But what if there was a job that allowed you to make your own schedule while investing time in your friends? Most people would agree that sounds like a dream job.

Well, that job exists with Traveling Vineyard. Working for Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide allows you to make your own schedule at home. The job description also includes keeping up with your friends while making new friends. It is a truly enriching job opportunity that could lead to a very high quality of life. Here’s how it works.

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You start with your friends. Get one of your friends to host a gathering of all your friends. Tell your friends to invite their friends and so on. The bigger the event, the better. Once everyone is gathered, you simply pour some wines and take over. You get to guide this gathering of friends through a tasting of world class wines.

Traveling Vineyard provides you with the online training, of course. That means you get a free education on all these wonderful wines that you get to share with your friends. And since you share this education, you are opening up a world of flavors for others. It is a very enriching experience all around.

Before the gathering of friends concludes, you simply hand out ordering information. You get to collect a commission on every sale from your gathering. Then you set out to put on another wine party according to your own schedule. You’re in control, you get to experience joy with friends and spread knowledge.

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Avoid Online Disputes

One of the most important things about maintaining a positive online reputation is to avoid online disputes as much as possible. While people who have an active online presence are going to find themselves in a dispute here and there, it is important to not get dragged into them. If one does have a dispute, then it is best for that person to cut it as short as possible. The worst thing one can do is attempt to “win” the dispute or prove a point. No one is going to agree on every single issue. Also, online business owners should focus more on doing business.

However, there are other users that may try to drag someone into a dispute. According to, this is where one has to figure out some of the extra features of the social media platform. In most cases, one should be able to block the troublesome user. Even if one does not engage in the dispute, it could still show up on the feed. As a result, other users could be turned off if there is any vulgar or negative speech. However, if one blocks the user, then all of the posts from the blocked user will disappear.

One thing that people need to do when it comes to running a business online is prioritize. They also have to figure out what type of image they want to give people. Then they have to do everything they can to preserve the image. With social media and other forms of online presences, one has to be consistent. When people know what to expect from a brand, then they will be more loyal to the brand. Keeping a consistent image will do wonders for the brand. One of the best ways to achieve that is by avoiding disputes.


Class Dojo is Helping Parents to have a Good Educational Experience

Education is a very important part of life and society. Any society that does not educate its children will set itself up for failure in the future. Even though education is critical to the success of a nation; many people who are involved within the education process have a hard time dealing with this activity. This is especially true for parents.


Students and teachers are at the heart of the education field. Without these two class of individuals; the education industry would not exist. However, parents are critical to the education field because they are the legal authorities over the lives of their students, according to


Since the vast majority of students in the world are minors; then parents play a critical role with ensuring that their children are being well represented and cared for while they receive their education.  See this also


Parents are usually contacted when their children are not meeting expectations. They also have to ensure that their kids are doing their homework, receiving breakfast and lunch while in school and they have to make sure that their kids are getting to school on time.


The team at Class Dojo realizes this. That is why they have created the Class Dojo app with the ability for parents and teachers to contact each other through their mobile devices. Teachers can use Class Dojo to send text messages, videos and emails about a child’s behavior to their parent.

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They can also use this platform to set up meeting times. Instead of having the parent come out to the school; they can now meet up online and video chat. Class Dojo is a mobile application that helps to make the education experience for parents as well as students.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association is Resourceful Leader in Anesthetic Care

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is not only committed to patients that they presently serve in the 20 different facilities around the greater Austin, TX area, but their reach spans much further into different areas. CAA provides invaluable medical resources and expertise to The University of Texas at Austin through the all new Dell Medical School. Since it’s opening in 1973 CAA has been a resourceful leader in helping to educate medical residents, nurses, medical students, nurse anesthetists, and paramedics. CAA even sponsored the Dell Medical Schools Summer Camp for high school and middle school students upon it’s opening in 2015. This is reflective of CAA’s constant giving to the local community and abroad. Several CAA physicians and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) provide their time and energy on a voluntary basis to philanthropic organizations in the community such as: Operation Smile, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach (DCSGO), and Family Eldercare.

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The Lung Institute Is Offering Patients A New Treatment Plan

A New Chapter In Medicine

A new era in lung disease is upon us. The Lung Institute is proud to announce a new series of stem cell treatments for its patients. Those who were previous afflicted with chronic diseases are now able to walk, to breathe, and to live without the constraints of their disease.

How This Therapy Works

According to, stem cell treatment taps into the body’s natural healing forces. Whenever you are injured your boy uses stem cells in order to repair whatever damaged tissue there is in your body. If you cut yourself, your body will use stem cells to repair the site of the injury. If you break a bone, your body will use stem cells to regenerate damaged bone. The doctors at the Lung Institute tap into this by using stem cells from the patient’s own blood and injecting them into the lungs. Once the cells are in place they will naturally repair the patient’s damaged lungs and allow them to live freely.

What Do Patients Have To Say

Patients treated by the Lung Institute have nothing but praise for the radical stem cell therapy it offers. Patients with diseases such as COPD are usually confined by heavy equipment and other setbacks. However, thanks to stem cell therapy they are able to function on a much higher level than they would otherwise. After treatments, patients are finally able to run, to exercise, and to perform tasks they need to in order to survive on a daily basis. Take the lifestylesafter50 published story of John O. John O had spent much of his life dealing with pulmonary fibrosis. He had a difficult time doing simple things for himself such as walking upstairs or carrying boxes. With the power of stem cells he is now able to live life as he was intended to.


About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is a medical treatment facility focused on chronic lung disease. According to Cedars-Sinai, it handles everything from asthma to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Essentially, any disease that might involve the lungs and cause long term side effects is with their area of influence.