Malini Saba: A Smart Investor with Integrity and Principle

Malini Saba currently ranks as one of the most successful business women of all time. She traces her roots to South-East Asia. Today, she’s a role model to many people all across the globe. Her first years were full of challenges and hurdles. Malini proved to be a fighter from the word-go. She fended off opposition from corrupt workmates and business partners who were more interested in advancing their selfish interests than they were concerned with the stakeholder’s interests. Standing her ground bought her a lot of enemies.


The corrupt individuals tarnished and soiled her reputation. Malini was, however, able to undo the harm and damage done to her reputation. Even though it caused her a lot of money, time and other resources, it was worth every single cent in the process. She now owns investments dealing with agriculture, energy and in real estate.


She owns Stree.  It helps them by giving them capital to set up small businesses to support their families. Stree got launched with the aid and support of the Bill Clinton Foundation. The Queen of Jordan was also in attendance at the launch event.


Understanding Risks & Making Informed Decisions


The sheer brilliance of Malini started showing way back in the 90’s. In particular, she took a gamble with various software firms in Silicon Valley. She dared to put money into tech stocks at a time when very few people dared to venture here. Her bet paid off as she walked away with millions of dollars in profit from her shares. She held shares in Paypal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. Her careful assessment of risks and her well-thought-out strategies have been instrumental in her exceptional success over the years.


Malini Saba as a Person


Malini Saba has made quite a vast fortune for herself. It’s quite surprising the way she has remained humble and modest despite everything. She has excellent people skills. She is heavily invested and genuinely interested in the welfare of her workers. That is very motivating and inspiring, and the workers tend to perform better, moving forward. Saba is a mother. She always takes care of the daughter, herself. Hiring nannies is completely out of the question for the visionary entrepreneur.


Helping Tsunami Survivors


Malini’s goodwill is unquestionable. So far she has supported numerous noble causes all across the world. Causes like the Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital in California. She gave them $1 million. She also gave $10 million to Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka.

James Dondero gives generously to the Family Place

James Dondero is one of the most successful names in the financial industry. He started his career in the early nineties by launching Highland Capital Management in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital changed the financial industry by creating the CLO and innovating other unique products.

James Dandero is extremely proud of Highland Capital’s growth, but now he wants to give back. Dallas has enabled James to reach new heights in his career, and James knows the city needs support and he has dedicated Highland’s resources to giving back.

Highland Capital gives a considerable amount to charity each year. The company averages $3 million worth of donations each year, but now James is taking their giving to the next level. Recently, James Dondero announced his plan to give to a major charity in the Dallas area.

James is going to give a $1 million grant to help The Family Place, a major organization in Dallas that supports victims of family violence. The organization has been trying to raise $2.8 million for their legacy campaign. This Legacy campaign will allow The Family Place to serve more victims of domestic violence than ever before.

James Dondero is extremely proud of the donation. He believes it serves as the perfect answer to the mayor and the police chief’s call to solve this life-threatening issue.

Highland Capital has always been impressed with the way that the Family Place has raised funds and helped those that needed their support. James is extremely proud of the investment he has made in the community. Learn more about James Dandero:

The Family Place was extremely happy about the donation. Paige Fink, CEO of The Family Place, gave a quick statement after the donation. She was proud of James Dondero and she invited other people to make a donation to their life-changing cause.

James Dondero cares deeply about the Dallas community. He wants to see the community flourish just as his company has flourished in recent years.

Lovaganza: The Modern World’s Fair

Lovaganza is out to change the world. Its goal is to conduct a series of four international-scale world fairs over a period of twenty years. The hope of these celebrations is to expose all people of the world to what all of humanity has in common. Through engaging exhibitions and entertainment we can also learn to appreciate our diverse cultures around the globe. Lovaganza brings a message of love, peace and unity.

The first Lovaganza celebration was originally planned to start in 2015. Because the founders wanted to include up-and-coming technology, they decided to move the date to summer of 2020. There will be four Lovaganza fairs within the span of four decades: Lovaganza 2020 for Unity, Lovaganza 2025 for Peace, Lovaganza 2030 for Abundance and Lovaganza 2040 Beta World. Lovaganza 2040 Beta World is set to be culmination or climax of all of the Lovaganza fairs on The hopes of which will bring unity and peace to all human consciousness.

This latest 3D theater technology on Instagram provides a 180 degree wrap-around screen which projects three dimensional images without glasses! Showcased will be independent films produced by Fer Rouge Creative Company. Entertainment will also include a lineup of shows, exhibitions and wondrous events. Watch for Lovaganza pre-events.

The Lovaganza Convoy is a movie trilogy produced by Fer Rouge Creative Company. These productions are filmed in diverse locations around the world including France, the United States and Spain. More filming will take place in India, Africa and various locations around the globe.

Imagine a world where there is no need. Mother Earth provides abundantly for all. Envision a place where all distinct cultures are understood and respected universally. These statements are inspired by the vision of Lovaganza. There is a hope that by educating, inspiring and touching every human being on this planet; a change for a better future can be made. The power to create a wonderful age is in the hearts and minds of all of us. Hope is as simple as holding another’s hand.

Markus Rothkranz’s Vegan Pizza Time

Markus Rothkranz is a vegan and healthy living vlogger, who maintains the YouTube channel Markus Rothkranz. He and his girlfriend Cara Brotman are the writers of the raw vegan cookbook “Love on a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookbook”. It can be found at: “”.

One of the recipes in the cookbook is the Markus IncrediPizza. This pizza is a raw vegan gluten-free and completely health pizza. He made a video of this recipe on his YouTube channel under the title: The Markus IncrediPizza – raw vegan gluten-free healthy pizza.

Markus started the video by introducing the video while dressed as an Italian type/a character from The Godfather movie. He humorously puts together little skits together usually to make a video work out.

The very first step is to assemble the pizza crust. You will need: four cups of coconut meat, one cup of coconut water, six tablespoons of yeast and half a cup of chia. You will have to grind the chia seeds up with a coffee grinder. After you grind the chia seeds, place all of the crust ingredients into a blender. Once the crust mixture is fully blended you should move it onto a dehydrator sheet. Then place it into the dehydrator for two to four hours. After that, take it out, flip it over and place it back in for overnight.

For the pizza sauce you will need one cup of sundried tomatoes, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, two dates, one cup of fresh tomatoes, one teaspoon of olive oil, one clove of garlic and three tablespoons of cashew milk. Add a tiny bit of sea salt, black pepper and cayenne. Place all of these into a Vitamix to make an excellent sauce.

For the cheese all you need is one half cup of cashews, three tablespoons of pine nuts, one teaspoon of yeast, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, pinch sea salt and one fourth cup of water. Add these cheese ingredients to a blender and blend away for perfect vegan cheese.

The next step is to make pepperonis. All you need is half a cup of coconut meat, one third cup of Irish moss seaweed gel, two tablespoons of sundried tomatoes, one fourth cup of red bell pepper, one tablespoon of chopped raisins, one half teaspoon of red beets and one and a half teaspoon of gluten free soy sauce. Put all of these ingredients into a Vitamix to soften it up. Only put it in there for a short amount of time because you still want to see the bits.

Last of all put the sauce and cheese onto the top of the pizza crust. Then add the toppings. You can add the vegan pepperonis and all the vegestables you want to add. You can eat it like that, or you can put it into the dehydrator for 45 minutes or an hour to harden it up more.